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Neighbourhood Speed Limit Reductions

Vision Zero - Safe drivers, safe speeds, safe roads, safe vehicles

As part of Vision Zero’s goal to eliminate serious injury and fatalities for all road users, the City of Hamilton is reducing speed limits on a neighbourhood by neighbourhood basis. Over the next three years, residential streets will be reduced to 40 km/hr and school zones will be reduced to 30 km/hr.

Speed is a significant contributing factor in collisions and is directly correlated to the severity of the collisions and injuries.

Graph outlining risk of fatal pedestrian injury relative to vehicle speed

This graph showcases the risk of fatal pedestrian injury based on vehicle speed. Reducing speed limits by 10 km/hr in areas concentrated with vulnerable populations such as school zones significantly reduces the risk of serious injury and fatality.

Is your neighbourhood part of this project?

This map indicates which neighbourhoods will see new speed limit reduction signage installed in their neighbourhood between 2019 and 2022. Type in your address to find out which phase of the project your neighbourhood is part of, and if it’s been completed.


In order to ensure road safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists, the City of Hamilton reminds residents to drive with caution and obey all posted traffic signs.