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More than 100 Canadians die or are seriously injured each year as a result of collisions at rail crossings and trespassing on railway property. These incidents are devastating for the individuals involved, their friends and family, railway employees, first responders and communities. And virtually all of these incidents could be avoided.

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Rail safety tips

Did you know? Trespassing on railway tracks and property is the leading cause of rail-related deaths in Canada. Trespassing on rail property is illegal. Keep these rail safety tips handy, they could save a life.

  • Speed misperception: Because of their size, trains appear to be much further away and travelling much slower than their actual speed. Don’t be fooled!
  • Trains can't stop quickly: Trains can require over 2 kilometres to stop. Trains can stop, but they can’t stop quickly.
  • Trespassing: Taking a shortcut across the tracks or being on railway property is illegal and can get you seriously injured or killed.
  • Weight ratio: An average freight train weighs over 5.5 million kg. Compare that to a car, which weighs around 1.375 kg. A train hitting a car is like a car hitting a pop can.
  • Railway cars: Stopped railway cars can start at any time. If you’re on one or near one when it moves, you could lose a limb, or your life.
  • Tunnels and bridges: If you are caught trespassing in a railway tunnel or on a bridge with a train approaching, you will be struck. Railway tunnels and bridges are only designed for trains.
  • Overhang: Trains can carry loads that are wider than the railway cars themselves. They can have chains, straps or other equipment swinging loose from the train. If you are standing too close, you could get hit.
  • Anytime is train time: Trains do not always run on a schedule. They can run at any time on any track and come from either direction.