Driving & Traffic

Red Light Cameras

The Red Light Camera program is designed to:

  • modify aggressive driving behaviour
  • increase awareness of the dangers of running red lights

Running red lights is illegal. It is unsafe for motorists to enter an intersection after the signal light has turned red.

Experience suggests that the program improves road safety as evidenced by a decrease in fatal and injury collisions across the six participating municipalities.

Red light cameras do not replace police officers; they complement police efforts. The cameras are set so that only vehicles that enter an intersection after the light turns red are photographed. Vehicles that enter on green or amber lights are not photographed. Motorists already in an intersection when the signal changes to red (waiting to turn) are not red light runners.

If the red light camera is flashing and taking photos while the light is green, technicians are checking the camera hardware and changing the film. Tickets are not issued for vehicles going through on a green light.

Changes to The City of Hamilton installs and operates red light cameras, but tickets are processed by the Joint Processing Centre (City of Toronto).

Provincial Offences Officers review every picture taken by the red light cameras to verify vehicle information and ensure that the vehicle is in violation. Tickets are mailed only in cases where it is clear that the vehicle ran the red light. The registered license plate holder receives the ticket, regardless of who was driving the vehicle. Tickets are typically mailed by the Joint Processing Centre within four weeks of the offence. 

The fine for running a red light detected by a camera system or a police officer is $260, plus a $60 victim fine surcharge and $5 for costs for a total of $325. Failing to stop for a red light where a police officer issues a ticket results in three demerit points.

If you have questions about your ticket, call the Courthouse at 905-540-5592.

 In consultation with the Privacy Commissioner, every attempt has been made to minimize capturing members of the public in the photos. If members of the public are inadvertently captured on film, it will not be possible to identify them from the photos on the tickets.

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