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Request Traffic Signal Timings and Drawings

How to request traffic timing information & technical drawings

For traffic signal timing information and traffic engineering technical drawings, you will need to:

  • Complete the Traffic Signal Application Form (PDF, 123 KB) and submit by:
    • Mail or in person:
      City of Hamilton
      Transportation Operations
      Transportation, Operations & Maintenance Division - Public Works
      1375 Upper Ottawa Street
      Hamilton, Ontario L8W 3L5
    • Fax: 905-318-5713
    • Email: [email protected]
  • Pay the required fee. You can pay by cash or cheque (made payable to the City of Hamilton) when you submit your application or you may choose to be invoiced.

What you can request:

  • Cost is $65.28 per intersection ($73.77 including HST)
  • These are the controller programming sheets in raw form
  • Data only for use by qualified traffic  engineering personnel
  • Duration of red, amber, green, left turn signals and other detailed signal operation info
  • Cost is $277.44 per intersection ($313.51 including HST)
  • Information is in summarized chart form
  • Cost is $65.28 per intersection ($73.77 including HST)
  • Shows poles, signal heads, pavement markings and other above and below ground signal infrastructure
  • Cost is $65.28 per intersection ($73.77 including HST)
  • Shows pavement markings of a road section

For any traffic counts, please visit our mapping tool (MS2) for all currently available studies.

For any location we have a count, there will be a signal or icon that when you click on it, a 24hr volume will display as a popup (see samples below).

Should you require a further detailed traffic count, the cost is $70.79 ($79.99 including HST).

Turning Movement Counts 
(at intersections, signal icon, or circle on the map).

Example: Totalling the two directions on the street you are looking at will give you the 24hr volume on that street alone.

Map of traffic counts

Mid blocks
(at locations between two intersections, square on the map). 

Example: the popup illustrates the 24 volume in the popup labelled as ‘Count’

Map of traffic counts

Contact us

Traffic Operations and Engineering
Roads & Traffic - Public Works Department
1375 Upper Ottawa Street
Hamilton, Ontario, L8W 3L5
Phone: 905-546-4376
Email: [email protected]