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Temporary Road Use Permits

Temporary Lane & Sidewalk Occupancy Permit

If you require short-term occupancy of sidewalks or lanes of a roadway, you first need a Temporary Lane and Sidewalk Occupancy Permit from the City of Hamilton. This ensures proper approvals and compliance requirements are met to keep the public safe on all City roads and sidewalks.

  1. Complete the Temporary Lane & Sidewalk Occupancy Permit Application
  2. Please provide a minimum of 5 days notice.

Temporary Full Road Closure Permits

You need a Temporary Road Closure Permit when occupancy of a full roadway or one full direction of traffic on a roadway is blocked for more than three to five minutes. 

Complete the following application:

You can pay for the permit by cheque or credit card (PDF, 1.15 MB). Make cheques payable to the City of Hamilton.

Oversize Truck Permits

If you want to operate an oversized or overweight truck on City roads, you need an Oversize Permit and proper liability insurance.

Please note that it may take up to 5 business days for standard oversize applications. All overweight applications may require additional review time

Commercial and High-density Residential Access Permits

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