Traffic Signs

Traffic sign reports and requests

Request new traffic signs or report damaged or missing traffic signs by:

Identify the following in your report:

  • What your request is for:
    • New street name sign (people getting lost as there is no sign identifying the street at corner or intersection)
    • New no parking sign on City property
    • New no parking sign on private property
    • New regulatory sign (i.e., stop sign, deaf child sign, blind child sign, speed limit sign, truck route sign, one way sign, deer crossing sign, playground sign, flashing school zone sign)
    • Replacement of sign (missing), indicating which sign is needed
    • Repair of sign (damaged), indicating which sign needs repair
  • Location for new sign, replacement sign or repair of sign

To report damaged or missing signs on school property, contact the appropriate school board:

  • Public School Board: 905-527-5092
  • Separate School Board: 905-525-2930
  • French District Catholic School Board: 1-800-274-3764

To report a damaged or missing police bait sign:

  • These signs are often posted in common parking lots such as at shopping malls
  • These signs are posted when Hamilton Police Services has set-up a police bait vehicle in the parking lot to help capture thieves or vandals

Request a new stop sign.

Traffic arm at Sherman Access

Hours for one-way travel on the Sherman Access:

  • The Sherman Access is one way down-bound from 6:50 am to 9:10 am.
  • The Sherman Access is one way up-bound from 3:50 pm to 6:10 pm.
  • At all other times, the Sherman Access accommodates two-way traffic.

Report repair and maintenance needed on the Sherman Access by calling 905-546-2489 and identifying the following:

  • If there is a problem with the traffic arm not being up or down at the correct time
  • If there a problem at the top or the bottom of the Sherman Access