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About Smart Commute

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Smart Commute is a program of the municipalities in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area. We help employers and commuters, like you, explore different commute choices like carpooling, cycling and transit. Our goal is to ease gridlock, improve air quality, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions while making your commute less expensive and more enjoyable.

Our services

Smart Commute offers employers:

  • Site assessments and surveys to understand employee commute behaviour
  • Customized action plans to encourage employees to explore and try out smart travel options
  • Tools to facilitate change including:

Smart Commute works with:

  • community and government partners to encourage active and sustainable school travel
  • TDM stakeholders in municipalities to support TDM initiatives related to land use policy, walking and cycling

Smart Commute Annual Report

The City of Hamilton is currently working on their 2019 Sustainable Mobility Programs Annual Report. The Annual Report provides a high-level review of sustainable mobility programs of the year in review, including the data and analysis of results.