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School Travel Plan

Active and Sustainable School Travel Certification

The Active and Sustainable School Travel (ASST) certification process uses the Canadian School Travel Planning model to help schools earn recognition for ASST efforts.

School Travel Planning is a community-based approach that aims to increase the number of students and adults choosing active and sustainable travel to get to and from school. This approach addresses concerns about safety, physical activity, and the environment.

Key community stakeholders (school boards, municipalities, police, public health professionals, parents/guardians, administrators, educators and children) work together to identify and to solve their school travel needs.

Create a School Travel Plan

Through a five-step process, each school writes a School Travel Plan with input and assistance from community stakeholders. Each School Travel Plan (STP) includes an action plan describing steps they plan to implement such as:

  • School infrastructure improvements  e.g. Bike racks and shelters
  • Education e.g. Safety training for walking and cycling, awareness raising
  • Community mobilization e.g. Walking school buses, walking buddies, ride sharing
  • Encouragement e.g. Celebrations of physical activity and environment, event days, recognition and rewards for walking/biking
  • Engineering improvements at or near school sites e.g. pedestrian crossings, adult crossing guards, repairs/upgrades to sidewalks, signage

Download the STP How-To Toolkit (PDF, 647 KB)

Sign up for the Smart Travel Plan

Diagram of 5 Steps in Travel Plan Process

Apply for ASST Certification

Schools are encouraged to apply for ASST Certification. There are two levels of certification:

  • Level 1: Steps one through three completed
  • Level 2: Steps four and five completed. Recipients are designated as bronze, silver, or gold in relation to the number and intensity of actions completed.

Parent Engagement Strategy

Would your school like to…

  • Make it easier to walk or wheel to and from school?
  • Reduce the number of vehicles around your school at drop-off and pick-up times?
  • Increase the number of physically active students, families, and staff?
  • Improve air quality and safety?

If yes, then you need to get involved with Active & Sustainable School Travel (ASST) - Parent Engagement Strategy.

For more information, contact [email protected].

Objectives of the strategy are to increase:

  • Parental/caregivers’ awareness about the importance of ASST.
  • Number of parents/caregivers engaged in ASST initiatives, including encouraging their child’s active travel.
  • Parental/caregiver capacity to become ASST leaders/champions.

Strategy documents:


School Bike Rack Grant

Cycling is a viable mode of transport for students and staff at Hamilton schools. Safe and secure bicycle storage encourages more people to cycle to and from school. 

Schools that sign up for a School Travel Plan have the opportunity to apply for the School Bike Rack Grant.

This is a one-time grant of up to $600 for the bike rack. Funding is limited.

Example of a multi-ring bike rack installed on school property

How to apply

To apply for the grant, schools must:

  • Have or be creating an ongoing School Travel Plan.
  • Meet with Smart Commute Hamilton to complete a site analysis, including the appropriate location and number of bike racks to be installed. Bike rack installed must be a multi-ring bike rack.
  • Acknowledges that the City of Hamilton accepts no liability for the construction, installation, operation, destruction, or theft of the bike rack. School/school boards will be responsible for future maintenance costs.
  • Acknowledges Smart Commute Hamilton and Metrolinx as financial contributors in printed materials, including small decals (provided by the city) to be placed on the bike racks. Logo and artwork available on request.
  • Submit an invoice for grant money to the City of Hamilton after bike racks have been purchased and installed on school property.

Submit an application for the School Bike Rack Grant

Contact us

For more information contact [email protected]