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Smart Commute Hamilton hosts several successful events every year.

Smart Commute Month

Driver, cyclist, GO Train rider – however you get to work, we want to know about it!

Every September, Smart Commute Hamilton conducts a survey to learn more about your travel choices. Complete the survey for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

Our goal is to provide you with better and greener options for getting to work. The more we know about how people are moving around in Hamilton, the more effective our commute options can be. We want to get a full picture of how people are getting around, so if you’re a driver, it’s ok, you can tell us.

During Smart Commute Month, Smart Commute will hold a host of campaigns, survey, contests and challenges to engage you the public to explore and share your transportation options.

Bike Day/Bike Month

Bike Day is an annual, one-day kick-off event to Bike Month and is aimed at promoting cycling as a viable option for all types of travel. It is the official kickoff to Bike Month across the GTHA.

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Winter Commute Month

Winter Commute Month (WCM) is an annual, month-long campaign that is aimed at promoting winter commuting and encouraging commuters to explore their sustainable commute options to reduce the number of single-occupant vehicles using the road network. In 2022, WCM will take place in March.

Community in Motion Awards

The Community in Motion Awards recognize members of the community who have made an effort to actively support and promote the use of healthy and sustainable forms of transportation.

There are 8 reward categories that are given to an individual, school, and business or organization that fosters a culture of active transportation within the city:

  • Bicycle Friendly
  • Pedestrian Friendly
  • Transit Friendly
  • School of the year
  • Advocate of the year
  • Advocacy Group of the year
  • Volunteer of the year
  • Innovative Bicycle Facility/Bicycle Parking Innovation

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