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Collage of students walking, biking and being active on the way to/from schools

Active School Travel

Active School Travel (AST) emphasizes the importance of walking, cycling, and public transit.  More students using ASST means less cars on the road, less pollution, improved safety, and increased physical activity.

Smart Commute Hamilton and the Hamilton AST Hub work to engage the community and schools in active and sustainable school travel initiatives.

The goal of is to facilitate a measurable shift in travel behaviour towards active and sustainable travel through:

Hamilton Active & Sustainable School Transportation (ASST) Charter

This charter serves to inform a long-term commitment to providing support, resources and training towards active and sustainable school transportation. We will work together to encourage safe, healthy and sustainable routes to school through our commitment to these ASST principles:

  1. Street design for comfort, convenience and safety for all users.
  2. Supportive land use and site planning.
  3. Personal and community safety.
  4. Partnership, collaboration and shared responsibility.
  5. A culture of active and sustainable transportation.

The City of Hamilton, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, and Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic School Board are committed to AST as shown in the charters:

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Callaway Johnson
School Travel Planning Coordinator
City of Hamilton
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