Smart Commute

Why Join Smart Commute

Collage of smart commuting of people from taking transit, carpooling and biking

Be a part of the transportation solution

Smart Commute Hamilton is your connection to commuting choices in Hamilton. We help local employers and their commuters to explore their A to B travel options and try out smart commuting options such as walking, cycling, transit, teleworking and carpooling. Our goal is to making commuting easier, while easing gridlock and helping you staff save time and money.

Are you a Smart Commuter?

The Smart Commute Hamilton Program is designed to work with employers across Hamilton to find practical ways for staff to cycle, walk, take transit, carpool, or telecommute instead of travelling. Join a growing number of local employers who have committed to make a change.

Join us and reap the rewards

  • Get access to our innovative travel resources and expertise at no cost. Workplace members receive specialized transportation resource to help you develop a commuter benefits program that meets the needs of your workplace.
  • Improve employee wellness, productivity and job satisfaction by reducing the stress of commuting each day and helping them save cash.
  • Take part in local and regional special events that can include turnkey sustainable travel campaigns, prizes, and on-site outreach support.
  • Support your corporate sustainability campaigns by reducing emissions related to staff travel and reducing traffic impacts and parking spillover in your surrounding neighbourhood.
  • Receive recognition for your hard work. Eligible workplaces can apply for a Smart Commute designation and apply for local and regional Smart Commute awards.

Membership levels

We offer three membership levels to meet the needs of your workplace. Over 20 workplaces and 92,000 employees have already joined the program – you can too!

Partner Level

Designed for smaller workplaces.

You’ll have access to Smart Commute special events and the Smart Commute Tool to help support sustainable travel at your workplace.

Core Level

Provides your organization with the tools and support to take action.

Many workplaces use this as a starting point to gauge enthusiasm before proceeding to more complex actions.

Enhanced Level

Designed for workplaces that want to make changes to their organizations.

Through a customized travel plan, we will work with organizations to reduce car use to and from the workplace, and increase opportunities for staff to commute with active and sustainable travel options.


Customized workplace solutions

Smart Commute Hamilton can develop customized workplace solutions based on your needs. Additional services are available at a subsidized cost. Services can include:

  • Employer relocation support and/or new facility planning
  • Parking studies
  • Employee individualized marketing
  • Travel counts and mode audits
  • Focus groups

Workplace commitment

Creating behaviour change is a two-way street. We will work with you to build a strong program, but the benefits will depend on how much effort your workplace is willing to put in. To have a program, we require a minimum commitment of:

  • A designated Workplace Coordinator at your worksite that will be our primary contact. If you have multiple major worksites, one at each site would be ideal.
  • One-time baseline survey to all staff and a site assessment for each worksite to the current conditions
  • Distribute a brief annual survey to workplaces each September to understand the travel trends at your workplace.
  • An annual check-in with Smart Commute Hamilton to understand your current needs and situation.

Interested in joining?

Contact us if you’re a workplace or property manager that is interested in joining the Smart Commute Hamilton program at [email protected]. One of our team members will get in touch to understand how we can help!