Streets & Sidewalks

Streets & Sidewalks

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Service at a Glance

How can I request pavement markings?

City staff does lane striping from Monday to Thursday, usually late evenings or early mornings when traffic is light.

You can request:

  • maintenance on existing traffic markings ( such as no line at stop, faded traffic or crosswalk lines
  • new pavement markings  on crosswalks, centerlines or edge lines

Request pavement markings by:

What type of maintenance does the City do on roadways and sidewalks?

The City of Hamilton maintains roadways by doing the following:

  • Road patrol
  • Pothole repairs  
  • Shoulder drop off repairs  
  • Street lighting and sign maintenance
  • Traffic counts and traffic control systems maintenance
  • Dust control on gravel roads
  • Sweeping
  • Emergency response
  • Driveway widening
  • Entrance culverts
  • Ditch cleaning and grading
  • Rural roadside mowing
What are my responsibilities for clearing snow and ice off my property?

The City of Hamilton’s Snow and Ice By-law No. 03-296 requires property owners and/or occupants to clear snow and ice from sidewalks adjacent to  their property and from roofs that overhang the City sidewalk within 24 hours after the end of a snowfall.

For safety reasons, when clearing snow and ice, property owners and occupants must ensure that the snow and ice is not placed

  • Immediately beside or blocking access to a fire hydrant
  • In such a manner that it would block drainage to any drain or sewer
  • On a road or boulevard as it could interfere with traffic, cause an accident and can result in a ticket
What roads in Hamilton are cleared of snow first?
  1. Main arterial roads and escarpment crossings are our first priority. These include roads such as the Lincoln Alexander Parkway, Red Hill Valley Parkway and Main Street.
  2. Primary and secondary collector roads, the side streets that feed into the arterial roads, are the next to be cleared of snow. Snow clearing on the collector roads may start up to four hours after the start of a snowfall.
  3. Residential and rural roads are plowed last. Snow clearing on residential streets may start up to eight hours after the snowfall begins.

The Provincial highways including the QEW, Highways 403, 5, 6 and 8 that run through the City of Hamilton are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation.

Does the City repair or replace broken street lights?

We repair and are responsible for

  • failed lights
  • cycling lights (lights that come on and off repeatedly)
  • lights that are stuck on
  • leaning or damaged poles
  • other safety and community concerns