Streets & Sidewalks

Priority Road Clearing

Roads are plowed based on priority. The first priority is main routes and escarpment crossings. The second priority is collector roads and the third priority is neighbourhood streets.

Find the plowing priority of a road in Hamilton

To find the snow plowing winter class priority of a street, enter the street name or address into the search box.  Once located, select the street to show the class and route information.


Winter Class Priorities

Winter Class Target Surface Condition Target Completion Time*
1: Major arterial roads & escarpment accesses Bare 4 hrs
2A: Primary collector roads Bare 8 hrs
2B: Secondary collector roads & steep residential hills Centre bare 8 hrs
3: Rural roads Centre bare to snow packed 24 hrs
3R: Residential roads Bare 24 hrs

*Target Completion Time: clock starts after the completion of the winter event which includes but is not limited to: stopped snowing, no drifting, blowing snow, freezing rain.

The Provincial highways that run through the city of Hamilton are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation