Priority Road Clearing

Roads are plowed based on priority. The first priority is main routes and escarpment crossings. The second priority is collector roads and the third priority is neighbourhood streets.

Main routes and escarpment accesses are our first priority.

Main arterial roads include:

  • The Lincoln Alexander Parkway
  • Red Hill Valley Parkway
  • Main Street
  • Cannon Street

  • Hamilton Route 56 (former Highway 56)
  • Main arterial roads through Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek

Collector roads, the side streets that feed into the arterial roads, are the next to be cleared. These well-travelled roads are not always designated snow routes. Try not to park on these roads so snow plows and snow clearing equipment can clear them easily.

Some primary collector roads are:
  • MacNab Street
  • Depew Street
  • Brucedale Avenue
  • Fletchers Road
  • Pleasant Avenue
  • Tradewind Drive 
Some secondary collector roads are: 
  • Graham Avenue
  • Aberdeen Avenue
  • Queensdale Road
  • Glover Road
  • Jerome Park Drive
  • Bridgeport Crescent  

Residential and local rural roads are plowed last.

Some residential roads are: 

  • Forest Avenue
  • Tolton Avenue
  • Fano Drive
  • Second Street North
  • Hopkins Court
  • Portsmouth Crescent 
Some rural roads are: 
  • Corlis Road
  • Ferris Road
  • Fallsview Road
  • Old Highway 99

The Provincial highways that run through the City of Hamilton are maintained by the Ministry of Transportation including:

  • QEW
  • Highway 403
  • Highway 6
  • Highway 5
  • Highway 8