Streets & Sidewalks

Sidewalk Snow Clearing Project

In February 2020, Council directed staff to explore the challenges and benefits associated with universal sidewalk snow removal across Hamilton. Due to the restrictions of in-person consultation as a result of COVID-19, the City postponed the Sidewalk Snow Clearing Engagement Project until the launch of Engage Hamilton, an online platform used to effectively gather online feedback on City of Hamilton projects, policies and initiatives in lieu of in-person consultation.

The City currently clears 397 km of the approximate 2,445 km of sidewalks across Hamilton including: sidewalks on municipally-owned property, along reverse frontage lots, formerly Ward 12 in its entirety, and sidewalks adjacent to school property, owned by either the Public or Private School Board, in conjunction with By-law No. 03-296 (PDF, 102 KB) on a charge-back basis. The City is currently exploring various opportunities to possibly increase levels of service across Hamilton and are looking to explore the possible impacts to inclusivity, accessibility and the financial implications of increasing service levels. Additional service areas, as shown in the map were chosen and are being considered based on their level of pedestrian traffic and closeness to public transit stops.

Throughout the month of August, the City of Hamilton is looking for resident and advisory group input into the proposed service level changes being considered. Recommendations from residents will be presented to Council and next steps will be determined in fall 2020.