Streets & Sidewalks

Street Lighting

The City of Hamilton operates about 44,000 street lights. Most lights are standard cobra-heads that use High Pressure Sodium, or HPS. These are being replaced by LED lights as they are more energy efficient and require less maintenance.

The City has a proactive replacement program for street lights, scheduled around the maximum usable service life of a street light lamp. This helps minimize maintenance costs and light outages.

We repair and are responsible for

  • failed lights
  • cycling lights (lights that come on and off repeatedly)
  • lights that are stuck on
  • leaning or damaged poles
  • other safety and community concerns

To obtain locates for street lighting cables, contact Ontario One Call at 1-800-400-2255.

Report lights requiring repair or maintenance by:

Let us know:

  • Whether you are reporting a street light or traffic light
  • if the light is out or malfunctioning
  • the exact location of the pole
  • the pole number (located about 10 feet from the ground, in yellow and black numbering)

If a streetlight is burnt out or needs repair and it is not an emergency, we will repair it within five working days.

We respond to emergency street light repairs immediately. Emergencies include:

  • open luminaires (unlatched)
  • luminaire hanging by its' wires
  • exposed wires
  • any other situation that could be an immediate risk to the public
  • motor vehicle accidents involving street light, no matter how severe the damage is

Report issues with lighting on a Provincial route (i.e., Highway 403, QEW or parts of Highway 6 not maintained by the City of Hamilton) to the Ministry of Transportation's Corridor Maintenance office at 1-866-636-0663.

City of Hamilton wins Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year Award

LightSavers Canada awarded the City of Hamilton with the Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year Award for its Mountain Brow Boulevard Installation of 40 illumient smart off-grid streetlights (solar powered lights) November 18th. The Geomatics and Corridor Management section accepted the award at the Annual LightSavers Summit in Toronto. The Award is given to recipients that make a profound impact on advancements of energy efficient exterior lighting systems across Canada.  The project reduces the growing burden of utility costs caused by electric streetlights.