Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) Accessible Parking Permit Exemptions in Hamilton

Potential Postal Disruption

In the event of a postal disruption at Canada Post that may begin on or after October 22, 2018, we ask that citizens please make alternative arrangements to ensure the timely receipt of their payment to the City. 

POA payment options include:

  • Online at
  • In person by visiting 50 Main Street, East, Room 110, Hamilton, ON L8N 1E9, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm
  • Over the phone by calling 905-540-5592, option 7

You can also retrieve fine and court date information by visiting
Please note that late payment fees will not be waived in the event that the payment is not received on or before payment due date.

If you have any concerns, please free to call 905-540-5592.

Parking ticket payment options include:

Please be advised that during this postal disruption payment for parking tickets can be made by the following methods:

  • Online at
  • Drop boxes are available at the rear of City Hall, 71 Main St., West and the Hamilton Municipal Parking System office located at 80 Main St. West. Please do not put cash in the drop box (cheque or money order only).
  • In person at the Hamilton Municipal Parking System and any of the Municipal Service Centre locations.

Please note that additional administrative and late fees will not be waived in the event that the payment is not received on or before payment due date.

In Hamilton, the MTO Ontario Accessible Parking Permit (blue card) exempts you from:

  • Paying for on-street parking for a maximum of three hours. This does not apply during the morning or afternoon rush hour as indicated on the parking meter or pay and display machines.
  • Paying at unattended municipal or City owned car parks.
  • Parking time limits on City streets (up to 12 hours).

Many streets that have parking meters and time limits are also rush hour routes, which prohibit all vehicles from stopping during the times indicated on the signs. A Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit does not exempt any vehicle from rush hour route regulations.

You can use any parking space on private or municipal property designated as Reserved Disabled Person Parking. Payment may be required in some parking lots. All other parking regulations must still be obeyed.

To report a vehicle without a permit that is parked in an accessible permit parking space, call 905-540-6000.