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Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO) Accessible Parking Permit Exemptions in Hamilton

Hamilton Municipal Parking Services (HMPS) Operations

Updated August 5, 2020

Certain aspects of the City’s parking service were amended through the period from March 2020 to June 2020 as a result of the COVID 19 Emergency Declaration. Except as noted, parking operations and enforcement have returned to normal.

  • In-person renewal of monthly permits at all Service Centres, including 80 Main Street West, is suspended until further notice. For the general public, permits can be paid for over the phone utilizing a Visa or Mastercard by calling 905-540-6000, or by a cheque dropped through the mail slot located at the front entrance of 80 Main Street West location. A Customer Service Representative will assist you in the mailing out or pick-up of your permit.

Regulations that remain suspended:

  • 12-hour time limit for parking on City Streets unless necessary to ensure traffic safety and/or community concerns.
  • In-person payment of parking fines is suspended until further notice. However payment can still be made online via or by mail as printed on back of tickets. Note that administrative fees will still be applied to unpaid tickets.
  • Disputing of a parking fine in-person is suspended until further notice. The public can continue to dispute a parking fine by email [email protected] or phone 905-540-6000. Additional Information pertaining to the applicable administration fees, amount increases, and dispute process can be found on the Penalty Notice.

For any inquires relating to these services, contact [email protected] or 905-540-6000.


In Hamilton, the MTO Ontario Accessible Parking Permit (blue card) exempts you from:

  • Paying for on-street parking for a maximum of three hours. This does not apply during the morning or afternoon rush hour as indicated on the parking meter or pay and display machines.
  • Paying at unattended municipal or City owned car parks.
  • Parking time limits on City streets (up to 12 hours).

Many streets that have parking meters and time limits are also rush hour routes, which prohibit all vehicles from stopping during the times indicated on the signs. A Ministry of Transportation Accessible Parking Permit does not exempt any vehicle from rush hour route regulations.

You can use any parking space on private or municipal property designated as Reserved Disabled Person Parking. Payment may be required in some parking lots. All other parking regulations must still be obeyed.

To report a vehicle without a permit that is parked in an accessible permit parking space, call 905-540-6000.