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Residential Boulevard Parking

Residential Boulevard Parking, also known as front yard parking, allows residents of one, two and three-family dwellings to establish parking spaces in their front or side yards. These parking spaces can be either partially or entirely on city boulevard. The boulevard includes a portion of the yard between the property line and edge of the street and varies in size from home to home.

Residential boulevard parking allows residents to use a part of the City-owned boulevard for off-street parking. The need for boulevard parking is typically higher in older areas of the City where properties may have not had other off-street parking options.

Prospective home buyers and Agents - City staff cannot comment on or speculate if a property will or will not qualify for boulevard parking space, without reviewing a formal application. Only current property owners may apply for residential boulevard parking. 

Application requirements

To qualify for a residential boulevard parking space, the following requirements must be met:

  • Parking Space size - The proposed parking space must be:
    • For single width driveway – exactly 2.7 metres in width by a minimum of 6.0 metres in length
    • For double width driveway – exactly 5.5 metres in width by a minimum of 6.0 metres in length. 
  • Parking space layout - The space must be perpendicular (90 degrees) to the sidewalk and not be angled or parallel. The parking space cannot be gained from a neighbouring driveway.
  • The parking space may be located either entirely on the boulevard or partly on the boulevard and partly on private property.
  • Driveway Approach ramp:
    • For one- and two-family dwellings - the driveway approach ramp shall not exceed 5.7 metres in width.
    • For three-family dwellings – the driveway approach ramp will not exceed 8 metres in width.
      The cost of this construction is the homeowner’s responsibility and the price is determined by the City. Upon approval of a Boulevard Parking space, the City’s Public Works Department will provide a cost estimate to install (or widen an existing) driveway access ramp. The cost estimate will be provided directly to the property owner.
      Single approach ramps typically cost between $1,500 and $2,000 whereas a double ramp typically is between $2,000 and $2,500. The actual cost will vary depending on the work involved.
  • Driveway Surface treatment – upon approval and once a Boulevard Parking agreement is issued, the approved parking space can then be constructed. The property owner, at their discretion, may initially build the driveway in gravel. However, the driveway must ultimately be converted to a hard surface (asphalt, concrete, interlocking brick) as per the Boulevard Parking Agreement.
  • Types of vehicles permitted to park in a Boulevard Parking space - all vehicles registered as non-commercial, passenger vehicles can park in residential boulevard parking spaces.
    Commercial vehicles such as trailers, boats or recreational vehicles are not permitted to park in these spaces.Commercial vehicles, trailers, boats and/or recreational vehicle are not permitted to park in a Boulevard Parking space.
  • Shared or Mutual Driveway - The proposed parking space can not include any portion of an existing shared/mutual driveway and each space must have its own approach ramp.
  • Clearance from fire hydrant, hydro/utility poles and other public infrastructure – The proposed parking space must be a minimum 1.0 metre away from all hydro poles, utility boxes, fire hydrants and all other City owned assets.
  • Clearance from front steps - The proposed space must account for a 1.0 metre clearance from the bottom of the stairs to the bumper of the vehicle to provide emergency access to the home.
  • Proximity to intersections - The driveway cannot be located within 7.6 metres of an intersection.
  • Landscaping – a boulevard parking application cannot be approved if the proposed parking space(s) will result in less than 50% of the private property portion of the front yard located being soft landscaping (lawn or gardens). If the application is denied for this reason, the Applicant may apply to the Committee of Adjustment for a minor variance to allow boulevard parking without meeting the City of Hamilton's Zoning By-law No. 6593.
  • City Trees - boulevard parking may not be approved if the proposed parking space is under the canopy of a City tree. If there is a City tree in the vicinity of the proposed driveway your application will be forward onto the Forestry Section and a Tree Permit may be required.

How to apply

Applications must be submitted by the current property owner. Applications must be submitted by the current property owner. There is a non-refundable application fee of $321.00 (subject to annual user fee increases).

Please submit the completed Boulevard Parking Application (PDF, 183 KB) along with a drawing with the required measurements (in metres) to Municipal Parking.

The drawing should provide the following measurements (in metres):

  • Location and dimensions of the proposed driveway;
  • The width and length of the front porch and stairs;
  • The width and length of any walkways;
  • The distance from the front porch (or front of the house) to the City sidewalk; and
  • The width of your property (from side property line to side property line).

Please feel free to include any other measurements you believe would be helpful in identifying the location of the proposed parking space(s)

The drawing does not need to be drawn to scale or done professionally however it must have all required measurements in metres. An example of a drawing can be found on page 2 of this document.

Property lines vary from street-to-street. To find the approximate location of your property line, visit:

Please note that once the application is submitted, staff will confirm with you that all documents have been received. Processing of applications typically take 6-8 weeks after the application is received and may exceed this normal timeframe due to higher volume of applications. 

Fees and payment options

If you wish to seek approval for residential boulevard parking, there are two ways to apply:

  • Option 1: by email
    • You can take a photo or scan a copy of the completed application form and drawing, and email to [email protected]. Please ensure the documents are legible.
    • Accepted method of payment – Credit Card.
    • Upon receipt of your application, a representative of Municipal Parking will contact the Applicant to process payment by credit card of the non-refundable application fee. 
  • Option 2: by mail
    • You can mail the completed application form, drawing and cheque in the amount of $315.00 payable to the City of Hamilton and mail to:
      • Municipal Parking, 80 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON L8P 1H6
    • Accepted method of payment – credit card or cheque.

Unauthorized parking on boulevards, side yards and front yards

Hamilton's By-law No. 16-009 includes a new way of enforcing vehicles illegally parked on boulevards and front and side yards of private properties. The by-law does not apply to rural or agricultural properties. 

While Parking Control Officers try to use discretion during all special events, the areas around Tim Hortons Field and Winona Peach Festival have been given specific time exemptions and parking is allowed four hours before an event starts until two hours after an event has ended. This by-law does not apply to rural or agricultural properties.

Tim Hortons Field

Parking maps for Tim Hortons Field during special events

Tim Hortons Field parking area maps (PDF, 1 MB)

Winona Peach Festival

Parking maps for Winona Peach Festival during special events

Winona Peach Festival parking area map (PDF, 547 KB)

How to file a complaint about an unauthorized parked vehicle

During weekdays, evenings and weekends, call the Hamilton Municipal Parking System Office at 905-540-6000. On Sundays from 5:45 am to 10 pm (including holidays), contact Hamilton Police Services at 905-546-4925.