Residential Driveway Access Permit

Potential Postal Disruption

In the event of a postal disruption at Canada Post that may begin on or after October 22, 2018, we ask that citizens please make alternative arrangements to ensure the timely receipt of their payment to the City. 

POA payment options include:

  • Online at
  • In person by visiting 50 Main Street, East, Room 110, Hamilton, ON L8N 1E9, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm
  • Over the phone by calling 905-540-5592, option 7

You can also retrieve fine and court date information by visiting
Please note that late payment fees will not be waived in the event that the payment is not received on or before payment due date.

If you have any concerns, please free to call 905-540-5592.

Parking ticket payment options include:

Please be advised that during this postal disruption payment for parking tickets can be made by the following methods:

  • Online at
  • Drop boxes are available at the rear of City Hall, 71 Main St., West and the Hamilton Municipal Parking System office located at 80 Main St. West. Please do not put cash in the drop box (cheque or money order only).
  • In person at the Hamilton Municipal Parking System and any of the Municipal Service Centre locations.

Please note that additional administrative and late fees will not be waived in the event that the payment is not received on or before payment due date.

If you have any concerns, please free to call 905-540-6000.

If you want to park on your own property, the Residential Driveway Access Permit allows you to:

  • establish a new driveway approach
  • modify an existing driveway approach or culvert entrance

Permits will not be approved if the location is underneath the canopy of a City tree.

You will need to call 905-546-2489 to start the application process. Once your application is submitted staff will contact you.

Once you receive approval from the City, you will be given:

  • a quote to install a concrete driveway approach or culvert entrance
  • a list of authorized bonded contractors that you can contact for installation

Do not put asphalt on the road to create or extend a driveway approach ramp. Putting any material on the roadway without authorization from the City is against Hamilton’s Streets By-law No. 86-077. You will be subject to a fine up to $5,000 and all costs for removing the material.

Follow these rules for driveway approach widths:

  • Single vehicle driveway approaches are 4 metres (13 feet) wide.
  • Multiple vehicle driveway approaches can be up to 8 metres (27 feet) wide.
  • The standard width of a culvert platform entrance (not the pipe) is 6 metres (20 feet) for residential properties.
  • Your driveway must be 0.91 metres (3 feet) away from a fire hydrant or hydro pole.
  • The City of Hamilton has a 50% green space requirement under the Zoning By-law No. 05-200. You cannot pave your entire front yard. 

Repairs and maintenance of existing driveway approaches

If you have questions about existing driveway approaches or ramps such as repairs, maintenance or estimates for widening, contact Roads Operations and Maintenance by:

Phone: 905-546-2489