Residential Parking

Rules for parking on your property

Rules for parking on your property, as per the Zoning By-law 05-200, include:

  • Parking on or over sidewalks or on a boulevard between the sidewalk and roadway is not permitted.
  • Vehicles must be parked on an approved surface such as concrete, asphalt or gravel. It is a violation to park a vehicle on the front lawn. Vehicles should be parked on a driveway or on the street where permitted.

If water is running from your neighbour's driveway onto your property or your neighbour is building their driveway on your property, contact Building Services at 905-546-2424 ext. 2720. Driveway disputes may be a civil matter.

The Private Property Parking program allows you to report vehicles parking on your property without your consent. Vehicles may be ticketed or removed at the expense of the vehicle owner.

How to report illegally parked vehicles

During weekdays, evenings and weekends, call the Hamilton Municipal Parking System Office at 905-540-6000. On Sundays from 5:45 am to 10 pm (including holidays), contact Hamilton Police Services at 905-546-4925.

Signage required to support enforcement on private property must be suitably posted on all properties except:

  • operating farms and the lands
  • single dwellings
  • duplexes
  • triplexes
  • on areas not set aside for the parking of motor vehicles (i.e., grass)

Signage may be displayed in an:

  • Entranceway plan – all access and exit points must be signed with a 24 by 30 inch sign
  • Interior plan – a sign must be posted in view of the vehicle illegally parked

If you own a residential property with three or more dwellings, call 905-540-6000 for information about proper signage and forms that allow us enforce.

If you own a residential property with less than three dwellings, signage is not necessary, but we can advise on authorization forms that may need to be completed.

Enforcement of this by-law is provided on a complaint basis. The following people can request enforcement:

  • Property owner,  including spouse or same sex partner - require photo ID
  • Authorized agent of the owner – require authorization letter and photo ID
  • Property manager –require business card and photo ID
  • Occupant – require lease or letter and photo ID; agreement must include parking spaces if property is not wholly leased
  • President of the Board,  Condominium Corporations – require photo ID
  • A person who has legal authority - require photo ID
  • Uniformed security officer - uniform is their identification

During morning arrival and afternoon dismissal, there is a high volume of activity around schools. To improve safety around schools, parking regulations are enforced such as:

  • No Parking – No parking means the standing of a vehicle, whether occupied or not, except when standing temporarily for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading merchandise or passengers.
  • No Stopping – No stopping means the halting of a vehicle, even momentarily, whether occupied or not, except when necessary to avoid conflict with other traffic or in compliance with the directions of a police officer, traffic control sign or signal.
Violation Early payment within 7 business days Set fine
within 15 calendar
Past Due Penalty Notice + $10 within 45 calendar days  Affirmation + $25
within 75 calendar days
Plan denial + $2
Expired meter $19 $24 $34 $59 $61
Parking unauthorized on private property $35 $50 $60 $85 $87
Parking unauthorized in accessible parking spot $300 $350 $360 $385 $387
Parking in a No Parking area $26 $33 $43 $68 $70
Parking in a No Stopping area $60 $75 $85 $110 $112
Parking in a No Stopping Fire Route area $80 $100 $110 $135 $137
Parking within 3 metres of a fire hydrant $60 $75 $85 $110 $112

Also known as front yard parking, Residential Boulevard Parking allows residents of one, two and three-family dwellings to establish parking spaces in their front, side or rear yards. These parking spaces can be either partially or entirely on city road allowance. The road allowance includes a portion of the front yard at each residence in the City and the portion varies in size from home to home.

Residential boulevard parking alleviates parking difficulties for residents who live in older areas where there are few driveways.

There are currently almost 5,000 registered residential boulevard parking agreements.

To qualify for a residential boulevard parking space, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Size - a minimum parking space of 2.7 m (9 feet) wide by 6 m (19.5 feet) in length is required. Where less space is available, the length of the driveway may be reduced depending on the size of the vehicle that will be parked in the space. For rental properties, a minimum of 5.35 m (17.5 feet) is required. A minimum clearance of 25.4 cm (10 inches) is required between the rear of the parked vehicle and sidewalk.
  2. Ramp - an approach ramp not to exceed 5.7 m (18 feet) in width for a one or two family dwelling or 8 m (27 feet) in width for a three family dwelling may be granted for boulevard parking spaces. The cost of this construction is the homeowner’s responsibility and the price is determined by the City.
  3. Types of vehicles - all vehicles registered as non-commercial, passenger vehicles are allowed to park in residential boulevard parking spaces. Commercial vehicles such as trailers, boats or recreational vehicles are not permitted to park in these spaces.
  4. Proximity of fire hydrant – boulevard parking is not permitted where a vehicle would be parked within 0.91 m (3 feet) of a fire hydrant.
  5. Location – parking is allowed perpendicular to the City sidewalk only within the area immediately adjacent to the approved approach ramp so that access to the space cannot be gained from a neighbouring driveway.
  6. Ownership – boulevard parking is permitted whether entirely on the boulevard or partly on the boulevard and partly on private property.
  7. Fees – there is a one-time fee effective January 1, 2017 of $235.70 (including HST). A $20 (plus HST) fee is due every year for insurance and administrative costs. This fee is added to your property tax bill.
  8. Landscaping – a boulevard parking application cannot be approved if the proposed parking space(s) will result in less than 50% of the private front yard being landscaped. If the application is denied on this basis, the applicant may apply to the Committee of Adjustment for a minor variance to allow boulevard parking without meeting the Zoning By-law No. 05-200.
  9. City Trees – boulevard parking will not be approved if the proposed parking space is under the canopy of a City tree.

Once approval is given, an agreement must be registered on the title of the property. The agreement, among many other provisions, requires that the parking space be hard-surfaced with asphalt, concrete or a combination of the two.

Call 905-546-2489 if you have questions about existing driveway approaches and ramps.

Hamilton's By-law No. 16-009 includes a new way of enforcing vehicles illegally parked on boulevards and front and side yards of private properties. The by-law does not apply to rural or agricultural properties. 

Parking during special events

While Parking Control Officers try to use discretion during all special events, the areas around Tim Hortons Field and Winona Peach Festival have been given specific time exemptions and parking is allowed four hours before an event starts until two hours after an event has ended. This by-law does not apply to rural or agricultural properties.

Tim Hortons Field

Parking maps for Tim Hortons Field during special events

Tim Hortons Field parking area maps (PDF, 1 MB)

Winona Peach Festival

Parking maps for Winona Peach Festival during special events

Winona Peach Festival parking area map (PDF, 547 KB)

How to file a complaint about an unauthorized parked vehicle

During weekdays, evenings and weekends, call the Hamilton Municipal Parking System Office at 905-540-6000. On Sundays from 5:45 am to 10 pm (including holidays), contact Hamilton Police Services at 905-546-4925.

Through highways are designated roadways that prohibit parking from 2 am to 7 am every day of the year. Parking is restricted to allow street maintenance such as street cleaning, catch basin cleaning and minor road repairs. There is not a permit available to exempt you from this restriction. There are signs posted at all major entrances to the City advising of this regulation. Each individual street is not signed.

A through highway may be described as a major artery within the City of Hamilton indicated by the following:

  • Rush hour signage indicating No Stopping 7 to 9 am or 4 to 6 pm
  • No Parking - Snow Route signage
  • HSR bus stops

Find Through Streets with Parking Restrictions