Tickets & Parking

Special Events Parking

The Special Event Parking regulation allows residents and their visitors to park on the street during special events.

The regulation prohibits parking on specific streets, unless you have a Special Event Parking Permit. Temporary signs are placed at all major entrances to identify where parking is restricted. 

Special event parking permits

If you live on a street where the Special Event Parking regulation is in effect, we will send you a permit before the special event.

Pick up additional special event parking permits at:

You can also pick up permits for the Winona Peach Festival at:

Planning parking for an event

Event organizers may have to pay for:

  • set-up of temporary special event parking signs
  • temporary bagging of parking meters
  • lost revenue from bagging the metres
  • lost revenue from the use of a Municipal Car Park

If you need to use a Municipal Car Park for your event, fill out the Permission to Enter a Municipal Car Park Form (PDF) and submit by :

Email: [email protected]
Dropping off at: Hamilton Municipal Parking System, 80 Main Street West, Hamilton

For more information call 905-540-6000.