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Hamilton Municipal Parking Services (HMPS) Operations Update - March 24, 2020
As the City of Hamilton continues to monitor the COVID-19 situation, certain aspects of the City’s parking service have been amended to assist with the needs of the community, such as self-isolation, working from home, and caring for others, while continuing to ensure road safety, availability of parking, and safe traffic circulation. Starting on Wednesday March 25, the City will also be modifying its parking services in response to the provincial order respecting essential services.

Parking Lots and Parking Meters

  • Enforcement of payment at Parking Meters and Municipal Car Parks will no longer continue.
  • As a security measure, payment will still be required for vehicles parking in the Convention Centre Garage and the York Parkade.

Monthly Permits and On-Street Permits

  • In person renewal of monthly permits at all Service Centres, including 80 Main Street West, is suspended until further notice. Permits will continue to be renewed by phone 905-540-6000 or email [email protected] for further information.
  • For any permits that are scheduled to expire at the end of March or April 2020, the deadline for renewals will be extended to April 30, 2020.
  • All pre-authorized payments for monthly permits will continue to be processed based on the normal schedule.
  • All on-street regulation change requests will be suspended until further notice.

Payment of Fines and Disputing of Fines

  • In-person payment of parking fines is suspended until further notice. However payment can still be made online via or by mail as printed on back of tickets. Note that administrative fees will still be applied to unpaid tickets.
  • Disputing of a parking fine in-person is suspended until further notice. The public can continue to dispute a parking fine by email [email protected] or phone 905-540-6000. Additional Information pertaining to the applicable administration fees, amount increases, and dispute process can be found on the Penalty Notice.

Parking Enforcement
Until further notice, enforcement of the following parking regulations has been suspended:

  • 12-hour time limit for parking on City streets.
  • On-street signed time limit regulations such as 1, 2 and 3 hour time limits in residential areas.
  • Time limit exemption permits for City Streets with posted time limits.
  • Parking related fines for vehicles with expired Ontario License Plate Stickers.
  • Commercial Vehicle Time Limit Regulation for vehicles that may need to remain on street during this time.

The above parking offences may still be enforced in exceptional circumstances where a significant traffic safety, and/or of community concern exists. This includes No Stopping and No Parking Offences. Parking Enforcement Officers will continue to have discretion to use enforcement tools as necessary to ensure the safe and orderly movement of vehicles in the city.

Staff will continue to enforce parking regulations at highly visited public sites, such as Waterfalls.

Enforcement that may result in the towing of vehicles is being limited to priority safety concerns inclusive of blocked driveways/approaches.

For any inquires relating to these services, contact [email protected] or 905-540-6000.

Vehicles in violation of a municipal by-law that demonstrate an immediate need to be moved will be towed.

You will be towed if:

  • Your vehicle is found in non-compliance of a tow warning regarding the City wide 12 hour by-law
  • Your parked vehicle obstructs someone’s entrance or exit.
    • A property owner or occupant is unable to leave his or her property with their vehicle when there is a demonstrable and reasonable need to do so.
    • A property owner, or manager, or occupant is unable to obtain a service that is imminent.
    • A property owner, or manager, is unable to reasonably operate his or her business.
  • Your parked vehicle prevents emergency road repair or construction. Tows for emergencies are normally facilitated by Hamilton Police Services.
  • Your parked vehicle prevents delivery, or performance of a public or private utility or service.
  • Your parked vehicle prevents the repair or maintenance of a utility or service delivery system.
  • Hamilton Police Service s issues an order for an immediate tow.

Here are the steps for towing a vehicle:

  1. City staff contact Hamilton Police Services to determine if the vehicle was reported as stolen.
  2. If the vehicle was not stolen, we notify police that we intend to tow the vehicle.
  3. Staff obtain vehicle registration information from the Ministry of Transportation.
  4. In the event of an emergency (priority) tow, we make a reasonable effort to contact the registered owner by phone.  If we cannot contact you or you are unable to remove the vehicle within a reasonable amount of time, we will tow and impound the vehicle.
  5. A Notice of Tow is mailed to the vehicle owner.

Tows by Police Order

Vehicles may be towed by order of a Hamilton Police Constable where a statute other than a municipal by-law is being enforced. In these cases the tow is performed under the authority of Hamilton Police Services and the vehicle may only be released by Hamilton Police Services.

If you want to recover your vehicle immediately, you must provide valid government issued photo ID and agree to pay a ‘Drop’ fee for the vehicle release.

If you do not attempt to recover the vehicle immediately, you must:

  • Obtain a vehicle release from the Hamilton Municipal Parking System office at 80 Main Street West, Hamilton before the towing contractor can release the vehicle to you.
  • Provide a valid copy of the Vehicle Ownership and valid government issued photo ID

Hamilton Municipal Parking System will only release the vehicle to the registered owner.

If you do not retrieve your vehicle within 60 days of the date it was towed, the vehicle becomes the property of the towing agency and the owner may be liable for towing and storage costs, as per the Repair and Storage Liens Act.

Towing fees can vary based on the following and are subject to change without notice:

  • vehicle weight and condition
  • amount of time spent at the scene of the tow
  • length of time the vehicle is in storage

If you believe your vehicle has been towed contact the Hamilton Police Services at 905-546-4925 and Hamilton Municipal Parking Systems at 905-540-6000 for more information.