Carlisle Water Supply

The Carlisle Water Tower is at 89% capacity.

Quick Fact

The average Canadian resident uses 335 litres of water per day indoors. Canada and the USA are the largest water users per person in the world.

Water tower levels can drop quickly, we encourage you to follow your Mandatory Outdoor Watering Program.

The City of Hamilton strives to protect its groundwater source, as it is your source of water. It is important to remember that your water is supplied through groundwater from an aquifer. It is not an unlimited source.

Water use in the summer

  • Water use increases approximately 50% during the summer months due to activities such as lawn watering and filling pools. Conservation efforts need to be practiced if we don’t want to face water shortages.
  • During the summer, water levels can drop substantially in a short period of time. We have witnessed this in the past during extensive lawn water with irrigation systems. The maximum amount of water your lawn needs is 1" for the entire week. Monitor natural rainfall to know if additional lawn watering is required.
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