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City-Wide Transportation Master Plan

In August 2018, Hamilton City Council unanimously approved Transportation Master Plan (TMP) and Cycling Master Plan Update (CMP). City in Motion, the City’s Transportation Master Plan, is a strategic policy document developed to provide a framework which guides future transportation-related studies, projects, initiatives and decisions. It sets directions for the city’s day-to day transportation programs and connects the transportation vision and transportation planning decisions to the City’s Strategic Plan.

The plan provides connections to the City’s Official Plan, other master plans and all transportation-related studies, projects and initiatives that combine to support the City’s future growth to 2031 and beyond.

TMP Vision

“To provide a comprehensive and attainable transportation blueprint for Hamilton as a whole that balances all modes of transportation to become a healthier city. The success of the plan will be based on specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and programmed results.”

Desired outcomes

Three desired outcomes for the transportation system were identified through the TMP review and update process and relate to four of the seven City Strategic Plan priorities, which are:  a sustainable and balanced transportation system; healthy and safe communities; and, economic prosperity and growth.

This TMP addresses all aspects of an integrated transportation system and is structured around the three desired outcomes.

These outcomes are supported by 71 key specific actions. The TMP also validates the need and justification for the strategic road network improvements, transit and cycling networks within the City.

Transportation Master Plan - Final Report

Background Reports

Transportation Master Plan (2007)

Hamilton’s Transportation Master Plan was created to develop policies and strategies for the transportation network over the next 30 years. This network includes roads, transit, cycling, walking facilities, and the City’s connections to rail, marine and aviation facilities.

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