By-laws and Enforcement

City of Hamilton By-laws

Disclaimer: By-laws contained in this section have been prepared for the purpose of convenience only and are not certified true copies. Where available, office consolidated versions, combining the original By-law and any amendments, are provided for ease of use. For accurate reference, consult copies of the official By-laws and documents in the Records Division of the Office of the City Clerk.

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Frequently requested By-laws

Administrative Penalties 

By-law No. 17-225 - Office Consolidation


By-law No. 12-031 - Office Consolidation
The Responsible Animal Ownership By-law is for the health and safety of residents, property protections, and prevention of public issues. 


By-law No. 07-160 - Office Consolidation

Backflow Prevention 

By-law No. 10-103 - Office Consolidation
The Backflow Prevention By-law ensures that we deliver clean and safe drinking water to all of our residents and businesses and ensures that businesses install a backflow prevention device on the water service line after the water meter to prevent the backflow of water into the city’s drinking water source.

Building Permits and Related Matters

By-law 15-058 - Office Consolidation
Any business owner wishing to change their business from one use to another, modify an existing building or build a new building must get building permit. Learn more about building permits for small businesses.


By-law No. 12-151 - Office Consolidation
You have four options for disposing of interment rights or scattering rights under the City of Hamilton Cemeteries By-Law.

Council Code of Conduct

By-law No. 16-290 - Office Consolidation
A Code of Conduct for Members of Council.

Council Procedures 

By-law No. 21-021 - Office Consolidation
To Govern the Proceedings of Council and Committees of Council.

Development Charges

  • City of Hamilton
  • City of Hamilton - Go Transit
  • Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
  • Hamilton-Wentworth Catholic District School Board


By-law No. 10-142 - Office Consolidation

If you want to build a fence on your property, you must follow the standards and guidelines set out by Hamilton’s Fence By-law and Hamilton's Fencing of Private Outdoor Swimming Pools.

Fences - Swimming Pools 


By-law No. 19-114
Learn more the City's and agencies regulations about discharging firearms in Hamilton.


By-law No. 02-285 - Office Consolidation
No Hamilton residents can set off family fireworks except on Victoria Day and Canada Day weekends without a permit.


By-law No. 10-122


By-law No. 04-091 - Office Consolidation
Regarding the Supply of Adequate and Suitable Hear for Rental Residential Premises

Licensing - Business

By-law No. 07-170 - Office Consolidation
Most businesses in Hamilton must have a business licence to operate legally. This by-law protects the health and safety of the public who use the service and ensures consistency for business owners and customers. Notice: We are reviewing the Business Licensing By-law schedules

Lottery Licensing 

By-law No. 15-051

Mandatory Face Coverings and Masks 

By-law No. 20-155
The City of Hamilton requires the wearing of face coverings within enclosed public spaces.

Motorized Snow Vehicles 

By-law No. 76-80


By-law No. 11-285 - Office Consolidation
No person can make or permit an unreasonable noise or a noise that is likely to disturb their neighbours in Hamilton.

Office of the Integrity Commissioner

By-law No. 16-288
The Integrity Commissioner helps ensure members of Council conform to a high ethical standard and adhere to the Code of Conduct and any other applicable City procedures, rules or policies.

Off-Road Vehicles

A by-law to regulate off-road vehicles.

Open Air Burning

By-law No. 02-283
If you have a rural property, you can apply for an open air burning permit to burn clean wood or brush. 

Parking - On-Street 

By-law No. 01-218
You may only park your vehicle on a street where permitted. Any vehicle parked in a metered spot must have paid the meter and must not exceed the maximum time limit posted for that spot. By-law officers or police officers can issue a parking ticket remove your vehicle at your expense if you do not comply with posted parking restrictions.

Please contact Parking at 905-546-6000 or [email protected] for all questions regarding this By-law.


By-law No. 01-219 - Office Consolidation
To manage and regulate Municipal Parks.


By-law No. 07-282
Property owners are prohibited from using pesticides on their property within the City.

Property Standards

By-law-No. 10-221 - Office Consolidation
All property owners must maintain and repair the interior and exterior of their property in accordance with certain standards. These standards are put in place to protect the health and safety of occupants and the general public.

Property Maintenance (Yards)

By-law No. 10-118 - Office Consolidation
You must keep your property clean of waste and ensure grass and weeds do not exceed 20 cm (8 inches) in height. The exterior of property needs to be free of graffiti including all buildings, structures, fence, walls and vehicles.

Public Nuisances

By-law No. 20-077
You must not act in a way that could be considered a public nuisance. Such acts include urinating or defecating in public places and knocking over mailboxes, relay boxes, newspaper boxes, recycling boxes and waste collection containers or odours and lighting from the cultivation of cannabis plants.

Sanitary Surcharge and Wastewater Abatement

Sewers and Drains

By-law 06-026 - Office Consolidation

Sewer Use

By-law No. 14-090 - Office Consolidation
Hamilton’s ewer Use By-law regulates the discharge of water and wastewater that enters the City’s sewage works.

By-law No. 14-090 Passed April 23, 2014
By-law No. 22-103 Passed April 27, 2022


By-law No. 10-197 - Office Consolidation
Hamilton’s Sign By-law regulates all outdoor signs and advertising space. This by-law ensures that signs are not a safety hazard and assists in maintaining a clean and positive image for our city.

Site Alteration

By-law No. 19-286

Site Plan Control

Snow and Ice Removal

You must clear all snow and ice from your sidewalks within 24 hours after a snowfall, or 24 hours after a series of snowfalls. 

  • By-law No. 03-296 Passed October 15, 2003
  • By-law No. 22-058 Passed March 30, 2022

Solid Waste Management

 By-law No. 20-221 - Office Consolidation

Standing Water 

By-law No. 03-173
You must ensure that standing water does not accumulate on your property between April 1 and October 31 of each year. Standing water can be a breeding area for pests, including mosquitoes, and is likely to interfere with the enjoyment of the use of private properties and public areas.



By-law No. 01-215
Please contact Traffic at 905-546-4376 or [email protected] for all questions regarding this By-law.


Trees - Public Property By-law No. 15-125
Trees - Private Property Urban Woodland By-law No. 14-212

Trees - Private Property in the Rural Area

Notice of Intent to Cut, Burn, or Destroy Trees Application Form

Vacant Building Registry 

By-law No. No. 17-127
If you own a vacant building, you must register the vacant building with the City. 

Vital Services

 By-law No. 09-190 - Office Consolidation

Ward Boundary

By-law No. 17-030-OMB-01
To establish ward boundaries for the City of Hamilton.



By-law No. 19-181 Office Consolidation
Hamilton’s Whistleblower By-law protects employees who report serious wrongdoing from job-related reprisals.

Wildlife - To Regulate the Feeding

By-law No. 12-130
You must not feed wildlife on your property, except for birds.  If you feed birds, the feeding must not disturb your neighbours.

Zoning By-law

A Zoning By-law regulates the use of land. It contains zones for agricultural, residential, institutional, commercial and mixed uses, industrial and parks and open space zones.