Accessible Transit

Accessible Transportation Services (ATS) Eligibility and Registration

To ensure physical distancing for operators and customers, effective Friday, April 3, 2020, HSR has implemented changes in how service will be delivered:

  • All customers are required to enter and exit through the rear doors.
  • This includes Customers using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and all other personal mobility devices (PMD’s.) They are no longer being loaded from front door. To facilitate access to the bus, customers using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers and all other PMD’s will be required to travel with a companion. The companion will be required to deploy the ramp under the direction of the operator. If there is a requirement for the wheelchair or scooter to be secured, the companion will be required to facilitate this as well. HSR will now only be able to accommodate one (1) wheelchair/scooter per bus regardless of the vehicle size.
  • In addition, effective Saturday, April 4, DARTS will be providing bus-stop to bus-stop service for HSR customers using wheelchairs, scooters and CNIB card holders. This will allow those traveling with personal mobility devices such as wheelchairs and scooters, and CNIB cardholders to travel without a companion. Learn more about Alternative service for HSR customers with wheelchairs, scooters or CNIB card-holders
  • HSR is restricting customer loads to 10 people on a 40 ft bus; and 15 people on a 60 ft articulated bus. Signs will be posted to identify which seats are not available for use. Operators will be by-passing stops if the load on the bus is in excess of the above amounts, or if there are concerns with physical distancing.


The HSR is operating on a reduced schedule until further notice. Most routes are operating on a Saturday schedule on weekdays. Weekend service remains the same: regular Saturday service will operate on Saturdays and regular Sunday service will operate on Sundays.


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Accessible Transportation Services (ATS) determines eligibility, registers passengers for DARTS and Taxi Scrip, and provides ongoing customer care. ATS is open between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday.

ATS is available to people with physical or functional limitations or health conditions that are unable to use the regular HSR bus. Eligibility for ATS and DARTS is considered on a case-by-case basis. It is not based on a particular disability or income level.

Levels of eligibility

Unconditional eligibility, a passenger is:

  • not able to use HSR transportation
  • can use DARTS for all trips

Conditional eligibility, a passenger is:

  • able to use HSR buses under certain conditions
  • Seasonal eligibility: can use DARTS from November 1 to April 30
  • Trip by trip eligibility: can use DARTS to approved locations only

Temporary eligibility, a passenger is:

  • Not able to use HSR buses at the current time because of a condition that is expected to improve
  • Can use DARTS temporarily for all trips

Training is available to Conditional and Temporary ATS Registrants who are interested in learning how to use HSR, including route training, instruction and practice boarding the HSR vehicles using your wheelchair or scooter. For more information, please call ATS at 905-529-1212.

Register for ATS

  1. Print off the Accessible Transit Application Form (PDF, 177 KB)
  2. Fill out part 1A to 1E on your own. Have your health care professional fill out part 2A and 2B. This section can be filled out by a Physician, Nurse Practitioner, Registered Nurse, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist or Recreational Therapist.
  3. Submit your application by mail:
    ATS, P.O. Box 340
    Mount Hope, Ontario L0R 1W0
    Or by fax: 905-679-7305
  4. You may have to go for a third party functional assessment to determine eligibility.
  5. ATS will tell you if you are eligible as per the eligibility criteria

Appeal process

If you disagree with the ATS decision regarding eligibility, complete the Appeal Form (PDF, 108 KB) and send it to ATS by mail, fax or email.

ATS, P.O. Box 340
Mount Hope, Ontario L0R 1W0

Fax: 905-679-7305
Email: [email protected]

Your appeal will be reviewed by the Eligibility Appeal Panel, who will make a final decision about your eligibility. You will be told the date of your hearing. You and another person may attend the hearing to discuss your appeal. If you have additional materials you want to share you must bring at least 3 copies. You must arrange your own transportation to the appeal hearing.