Convictions & Orders in Hamilton

Food Premises

Public health inspectors routinely visit over 3,200 food premises in Hamilton. When they visit food premises including restaurants, they check for safe food handling outlined in the Ontario Food Premise Regulation. Food premises that are not following the law at the time of the inspection are either given:

  • a specific time period to fix what they are doing wrong
  • an Order under the Health Protection and Promotion Act, such as closing a restaurant, if there is an immediate risk to patrons

Food premises are fined if they are convicted in court of not following the Ontario Food Premises Regulation or not following an Order. Fines range from $50 for minor infractions to $25,000 per day for a corporation who does not follow an Order.

No current convictions.

We post orders issued under the Health Protection and Promotion Act for three months from the date the Order is issued.

Crystal Dynasty Chinese Restaurant
94 Cannon St. W, Hamilton
Conviction date: November 21, 2018
Conviction reason: Food premises maintained in manner adversely affecting sanitary operation.

Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Retailers

Tobacco Enforcement Officers routinely visit tobacco and/or electronic cigarette vendors in Hamilton.  When they visit vendors selling tobacco and/or electronic cigarette products they check compliance with the Smoke-Free Ontario Act. Anyone who is non-compliant with the rules set out in the Smoke-Free Ontario Act can be charged with an offence.

No current convictions.

No current convictions.

Disclaimer: Prospective buyers of tobacco retail dealer premises are strongly encouraged to contact the local public health unit to confirm premises conviction history. A premise with two or more tobacco sales convictions against any owner (past or present) at that address within a five year period is subject to a Notice of Prohibition Against the Sale, Storage and Delivery of Tobacco Products (known as an automatic prohibition or “AP”).

Section 22 of the Smoke-Free Ontario Act, 2017 (SFOA) states that upon becoming aware that there are two or more convictions against any owner for tobacco sales offences committed at the same place within a five year period, the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC) shall notify the owner(s) or occupant of the place that the sale, storage and delivery of tobacco products is prohibited at the place.

The MOHLTC accepts requests from public health units for automatic prohibitions where owner(s) of the business was/were convicted of tobacco sales offences on two occasions. The SFOA convictions report published on public health units’ websites lists all owner related tobacco sales convictions that are eligible for an automatic prohibition. Please note that automatic prohibitions do not apply to vapour products sales convictions.