Apply for Ontario Works

T5007 Statements

Please be advised that T5007’s will be mailed to social assistance recipients in the month of February.  It is important to file your income taxes. The income on the T5007 is used to calculate tax credits like the GST credit and Child Tax Benefit. For more information about filing your tax return, please visit

Free tax clinic

Visit Revenue Canada Tax Preparation Clinics to find a free tax clinic near you.

Replacement T5007

If you need a replacement T5007 because you have moved or the amount on the T5007 is incorrect, please call 905-546-4800 - option 5  after February 19, 2017.

Ontario Works provides temporary financial and employment assistance, also known as social assistance, for people who are in financial need. 

Step 1: How to apply

You will need information from a number of documents to complete an application. It's a good idea to get these documents together before you start. Review list of documents you will need to complete the online application

Application options

Apply online

Service available 24 hours, 7 days a week, in English or French.
Eligibility may take 15 minutes and another 20 to 30 minutes for the application. You will receive a call within three business days to book an in-office appointment.

Please call our office at 905-546-4800 and press option 1 if:

  • You do not receive a confirmation number once you have submitted your online application
  • You are not able to provide a phone number. Please call within three days of completing the application.

Apply by phone

Please call our office at 905-546-4800 and press option 1. Service available Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4 pm, in English or French.

Step 2: In-office appointment to verify application

An in-office appointment is necessary to complete the application process. During the appointment, you will be expected to provide required information, complete and sign the application and all accompanying forms. You will need to bring your spouse (if you have one) and any children who are 18 or older to the appointment and all supporting documents used to complete the application. If you are not physically able to come to the in-office appointment, please advise us and we will make other arrangements with you.