Tickets & Parking

On-Street Parking

You may park your vehicle on a street where permitted. Posted signs will indicate where parking restrictions and/or conditions apply.  Where there are no posted signs the parking is unrestricted. Unrestricted parking areas are still subject to any and all other by-laws which are not typically posted such as no overnight parking on through streets, intersection and crosswalk clearances, 12 hour parking, etc. 

Any vehicle parked in a metered spot must have paid the meter and must not exceed the maximum time limit posted for that spot.

How to propose a change to the on-street parking regulation

These are the steps involved in requesting an on-street regulation change in your neighbourhood:

  1. Identify the street/block where you would like to see the change.
  2. Discuss with parking staff: The requestor should discuss the parking problem with staff. Parking staff will review the parking regulations and, if warranted, recommend changes in the form of a by-law update to Council.
  3. Once Council approves the on-street parking regulation changes, the by-law is updated and on-street parking signs are changed.

How to contact parking staff:
Phone: 905-540-6000
Email: [email protected]

Permit Parking Zones Permit

The purchase of this parking permit is specific to the street address it is for and does not entitle permit holders to park their vehicle on arterial streets. It does not guarantee that a parking spot will be available at a specific location.

Parking Time Limit Zones Permit

The city is divided into Time Limit Exemption Zones; the purchase of this type of permit exempts the permit holder from all signed time limits in the zone purchased. The purchase of a Parking Time Limit Zone exemption permit does not entitle permit holders to park their vehicle on arterial streets.It does not guarantee that a parking spot will be available at a specific location.

All other parking by-laws and pay-parking fees still apply to permit holders.         

Criteria for permit parking and time limit parking:

  • There is an annual fee for Permit Parking Zone and Time Limit Zone Exemption permits. Fees cover the cost of maintenance and administration of the permit parking program, and are subject to annual increases through the City’s budget process.
  • Your permit must be renewed before January 1 of each year. We recommend you renew by the middle of December.
  • Permits are issued only to passenger vehicles or commercial vehicles registered with the Ministry of Transportation as "Personal use only".
  • The address on your vehicle ownership must match your current address where there are parking regulations.
  • You must live on a one, two or three unit dwelling on or abut the street with the permit parking regulation or time limit parking to apply for a permit.
  • The universal 12-hour parking time limit for all City streets applies to permit holders.
  • Permits are not issued to any vehicle:
    • over 4500 kilograms
    • over 6.4 metres (21 feet) in length
    • that has dual rear wheels or tandem rear axles
    • that is a tow truck
    • that is a bus, or a bus converted for other use
    • that is not a motor vehicle
  • Permits do not provide an exemption to the No-Parking, Through Street or 2 am to 7 am parking regulation.

To inquire about obtaining a parking permit please call 905-540-6000 or email [email protected].

Home Care Services Parking Permits are available for residents who are confined to their home and require essential services. These permits allow health care service workers to park their vehicle in a permit parking zone for up to two hours.

How to apply

To apply for a Home Care Services Parking Permit you will need to:

After submitting parking staff will contact you.

Street parking on through Highways

Through highways are designated roadways that prohibit parking from 2 am to 7 am every day of the year. Parking is restricted to allow street maintenance such as street cleaning, catch basin cleaning and minor road repairs. There is not a permit available to exempt you from this restriction. There are signs posted at all major entrances to the City advising of this regulation. Each individual street is not signed.

Find Through Streets with Parking Restrictions in your neighbourhood

Browse the map to determine Through Streets with Parking Restrictions in your neighbourhood. The red roads indicate Through Streets which are enforced. The green roads indicate Through Streets which are not enforced, where overnight parking is permitted.


Contact us

If you have any questions about on-street parking regulations or parking permits, contact:
Phone: 905-540-6000
Email: [email protected]