Trillium Awards Program

Trillium Awards Program

Hamilton Trillium Awards

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What are the Trillium Awards?

The Trillium Awards program promotes community pride by recognizing properties whose landscaping and maintenance contribute to a more attractive neighbourhood and community. Award categories include:

  • White Trillium Award
  • Pink Trillium Award
  • Red Trillium Award
  • Awards of Excellence Corporate Award Program
Trillium Award Nominations

Do you know of a property that is worthy of being awarded a Trillium Award? Nominate a  property that has outstanding landscaping, floral displays and promotes an attractive neighbourhood.

Trillium Award Volunteer Judges

We are looking for people who love to garden and want to contribute to their community. Register online to become a Volunteer Judge.

How are the properties judged?

Volunteer judges visit every residential property in the city. They use the following judging criteria to make their decision:

  • curb appeal
  • landscape maintenance
  • landscape design principles and elements
  • elements of design
Listing of Trillium Award Winners

Congratulations to all past winners.