Property, Gardens & Trees

Property, Gardens & Trees

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Does the City offer free trees to residents?

The City of Hamilton’s Street Tree Planting program offers free trees to homeowners in Hamilton. This tree is planted in the City-owned road allowance of your property.

Here are some general guidelines for the program:

  • If you live on a standard lot, you can have one tree planted on the road allowance on your property.
  •  If you live on a corner lot, you can have up to three trees planted.
  • Trees will not be planted in any boulevard locations where the width of grass area is less than 1.75 metres.
Does the City provide free wood chips to residents?

Wood chips are not available at this time.

What should I do if my property is damaged as a result of sewer backup?

If you have sustained damage to your property as a result of sewer backup, watermain break or construction projects in your neighbourhood, you should take the following steps:

  • Protect your property from further damage if possible
  • If you choose to remove any property from the affected area be aware of electrical hazards.
  • Document your damages with photographs, original invoices and bills of sale.
  • Keep any damaged property for inspection.
Report an issue with a City tree

To report an issue with a City tree, call 905-546-2489.

Problems to report include:

  • branches hanging down or touching hydro lines
  • trees damaged or fallen down
  • trees appearing dead or diseased
  • a tree growing so big that is it damaging property
  • trees with bee or wasp nests
  • trees with a swing  hanging from its branches
  • tree roots above the grass
Construction in your area

There are different types of construction projects taking place in your neighbourhood.

What Hamilton by-laws affect my property?

Here are some of the most commonly requested by-laws that apply to your property:

  • Fence By-law
  • Noise Control By-law
  • Open Air Burning By-law
  • Pesticides By-law
  • Property Standards By-law
  • Snow Off Sidewalks By-law
  • Standing Water By-law
  • Tree By-law
  • Yard Maintenance By-law
  • Wildlife By-law