Gage Park Greenhouse

Greenhouse Events

Spring Tide Bulb Show

The Spring Tide Show takes place each March Break at our Gage Park Greenhouse facility. Hundreds of bulbs and blooms are on display featuring a new theme each year. This is a free show and a donation to Hamilton Food Share is appreciated.

Spring Tide Bulb Show Banner

Hamilton Fall Garden & Mum Show

Chrysanthemums traditionally take stage in the autumn as the sumptuous palette of the season revolves around orange, brown, green, yellow and red, with a hint of pink and purple. People want to snuggle up indoors as daylight fades and Chrysanthemums are just perfect for those warm cozy moments. Chrysanthemums bring swaths of colour to the end of summer.

Fall Garden Mum Show Banner

The Mum Show, as most people refer to the show, started in 1920 and has seen many changes over the years. A new theme each year has taken us through dramatic scenes of flowers, colours and displays.

The Chrysanthemum Show is an amazing floral display created by some of Hamilton’s finest horticulture staff. The display is a breathtaking feature of over 200 varieties of Chrysanthemums, and more than 75,000 blooms and has a different them each year.


Operational Greenhouse

The operational greenhouse at Gage Park features 18,720 square feet of space for growing plants year round. We use plants grown at the greenhouse for:

  • Flowering traffic islands
  • Park displays
  • Flowers at City facilities including City Hall, Sam Lawrence Park and Gage Park

The greenhouse also features:

  • High pressure sodium grow lights increase light during winter months
  • Roof venting system to get plants used to the outdoor temperatures before being removed from the greenhouse
  • High-efficiency condensation boilers to improve energy conservation
  • In-floor heating reduces boiler use by providing heat to the plant roots
  • Shade curtains to reduce heat loss and light intensity

Tropical House

The Tropical House at Gage Park is currently closed for renovations. The new facility will open Fall 2018.

Architectural rendering of the upcoming Gage Park Greenhouse

Gage Park Rose Garden

The rose garden is located in the centre of Gage Park. It is filled with 16 hybrid tea varieties and 14 climbing roses. The flowers come in many colours including red, pink, yellow, white and peach.

Visit the rose garden mid-summer when the roses are in full bloom.

Gage Avenue South and Main Street East (Google map)

Parking lot entrance off of Lawrence Road, just east of Gage Avenue South. Take the pathway at the north side of the parking lot to the Horticulture Depot.
Wheelchair Accessible & Free Parking