Light Rail Transit (LRT)

Hamilton LRT Route Map November 2016

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Learn about the Hamilton Light Rail Transit (LRT) project at upcoming meetings
The project team will discuss the main features of the transit system, some of the key benefits and next steps for the project. Hear about the plans and progress.  Find out more about the Public Information Centre.

About the LRT

As part of Metrolinx’s Moving Ontario Forward plan, the Ontario government is investing up to $1 billion and will cover 100% of the capital costs of building the LRT in Hamilton.

The LRT will run from McMaster University to the Queenston Traffic Circle and include:

  • spur line that links King Street to West Harbour GO Station (and potentially Waterfront, pending budget)
  • pedestrian walkway from King Street to the Hunter Street GO station
  • new GO station at Highway 20
  • garage facility

Enhanced transit and the LRT will help drive economic growth, reduce travel and connection times and improve quality of life in our community.

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What is Light Rail Transit (LRT)?
Light Rail Transit (LRT) is a transportation system based on electrically powered light rail vehicles (LRV) that operated on a track in a segregated, right of way. Multiple LRVs, or cars, can be coupled together to form a train.  They are designed to deliver rapid, reliable and safe transportation services. 

With higher capacity than other transit systems, LRT will carry passengers in reserved transit lanes separated from regular traffic. Vehicles will be low floor with multiple entrances that are accessible to customers with all levels of mobility.

How many other cities have LRT?
More than 150 cities around the world have LRT. In Canada, LRT is either operational, planned or in construction in the following Canadian cities:  Edmonton, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Waterloo, Brampton, Mississauga and Toronto.

GO Rail service

This project will include:

  • The extension of GO rail service on the Lakeshore West line from the West Harbour GO Station at James Street North to a new GO station at Centennial Parkway.
  • Construction of the Centennial Parkway GO station is expected to begin in 2017, with completion in 2019.

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