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Urban Forest Strategy

What is the urban forest? The urban forest includes trees and woodlands in maintained parks, green spaces, natural areas and ravines, and on the escarpment, along streets, and in neighbourhoods, commercial, institutional, and industrial areas. It includes public and privately owned lands.

About the Hamilton Urban Forest Strategy

The Urban Forest Strategy (UFS) will be a plan to ensure the long-term health of Hamilton’s urban forest. The Urban Forest Strategy will provide recommendations that are based on community and staff input, data, and policy review. It will also provide the vision and strategic direction for long-term planning, protection and maintenance of trees and forests in the urban area.

The Urban Forest Strategy will include:

  • A sample inventory of trees within the urban area to describe the condition of Hamilton’s urban forest
  • A community-developed vision for the desired future state of the urban forest
  • Background research on existing policies, by-laws, programs, partnerships, and activities within Hamilton
  • Identifying challenges and opportunities for improving the urban forest
  • Recommended actions including programs, policies, and partnerships
  • Recommended monitoring and indicators to determine if the UFS is meeting its vision

Project timeline

Two draft reports are now available for your review and comment: the Urban Forest Strategy and the Technical Report. The City welcomes your comments on the draft reports.
Visit the Engage Hamilton project page to learn how you can provide your input and to register for the virtual public meeting.

Virtual Public Meeting
Held February 9, 2021
An evening meeting to present the draft report. Video | Questions and Answer Summary (PDF, 128 KB)

Public Workshops
Held June 5,19 and 24, 2019
Received feedback on the draft vision statement, goals and actions. Presentation (PDF, 1 MB)

City Staff Workshop and External Stakeholders Workshop
Held May 17, 2019
The afternoon session was an internal staff workshop to review the draft goals and actions. The evening session was for external stakeholders, to review the draft goals and actions.
Presentation (PDF,  3 MB)

Public Open House
Held May 29, 2018
Introduced the project and invited input on the community's vision for managing the urban forest.
Display panels (PDF, 3 MB)  | Open house summary (PDF, 20 KB)

City Staff Workshop
Held May 17, 2018
An internal staff working seminar.
City staff summary (PDF, 2 MB)

External Stakeholders Workshop
Held May 17, 2018
Provided context/objectives of the Hamilton Urban Forest Strategy and offered engagement activities.
Presentation (PDF, 2 MB) | Workshop summary (PDF, 1 MB)

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