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Hamilton Public Health Services (PHS) is taking steps to protect the health and safety of our community by working with our health system partners and Ministry of Health colleagues to ensure we’re prepared to respond to this situation as it evolves.

At this point there have been 48 cases of COVID-19 in Hamilton that indicate that there is spread in the community, in addition to other travel related cases.
Residents need to be mindful that the situation is rapidly evolving. People are encouraged to stay at home as much as possible, only leaving for trips such as groceries or other essential supplies. When outside of the home, ensure you maintain a safe distance (6 feet) from others, wash hands frequently with soap and water, and cover cough or sneeze with your sleeve or a tissue.

Status of Cases in Hamilton

Number of confirmed positive cases - 198
Numbers reflect residents of the city of Hamilton. Numbers accurate as of 9:00 am, April 8, 2020. Subject to change.


Assessment Centres

Hamilton has two COVID-19 Assessment Centres that are now open.

Take a self-assessment to see if you should seek further care

Check the provincial online portal to get your COVID-19 test results. It can take up to 7 days to receive test results for COVID-19.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) donations

The City of Hamilton is accepting donations of personal protective equipment including surgical masks, N95 masks, impervious gowns and more. Find out more about what you can donate.

To donate, email [email protected] or call 905-546-2424 ext. 2257


Contact Hamilton Public Health Services for COVID-19 related health info:

COVID hotline at 905-974-9848

Send questions to [email protected]


City Operations & Service Information

As part of our emergency preparedness planning, we’re working together with Hamilton Paramedic Services, hospitals, primary care providers, Ontario Ministry of Health colleagues, and academic institutions. This includes implementing a plan to monitor, detect, and if needed, contain and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We’ve fully activated our Incident Management System which is used to focus attention and resources on urgent issues. This involves the activation of key roles needed to support the current situation as it relates to COVID-19 preparedness.

Affected City Services

Media Room
Get the latest news releases related to COVID-19

Have a question about the City's response to COVID-19?

Property Tax Assistance Program
On April 8,  Council approved the implementation of a temporary Property Tax Assistance Program to help ease the financial impacts on Hamilton taxpayers due to COVID-19.

Choose solidarity

The City of Hamilton values equity and inclusion and works to ensure Hamilton is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are accepted and celebrated. Although the COVID-19 outbreak originated in China, this virus is not racially oriented - it is geographically oriented. This means that it does not discriminate among people who can be affected. Unfortunately, during the COVID-19 outbreak, persons of Chinese heritage (and other Asian countries) have voiced concerns about the potential for discrimination. During times like this, people need to support each other and speak out against any instances of discrimination.

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