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For COVID-19 health information:
COVID hotline: 905-974-9848
Email: [email protected]

COVID-19 Vaccines
Phone: 905-974-9848, option 7
Email: [email protected]

For questions about isolation:
Ministry COVID-19 Testing and Isolation Information Line
Phone: 1-888-777-0730

For Quarantine compliance issues:
Public Health Agency of Canada
Phone: 1-833-784-4397
For general inquiries complete the online form

City Operations & Service Information

As part of our emergency preparedness planning, we’re working together with Hamilton Paramedic Services, hospitals, primary care providers, Ontario Ministry of Health colleagues, and academic institutions. This includes implementing a plan to monitor, detect, and if needed, contain and prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus.

We’ve fully activated our Incident Management System which is used to focus attention and resources on urgent issues. This involves the activation of key roles needed to support the current situation as it relates to COVID-19 preparedness.

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Speak Out Against Anti-Asian Discrimination

The City of Hamilton values equity and inclusion and works to ensure Hamilton is a place where people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities are accepted, celebrated and have the opportunity to thrive. Although the COVID-19 pandemic began in China, the virus does not infect people by race. COVID-19 can infect anyone. Unfortunately, during this pandemic, many people with a heritage from China and other Asian countries have experienced anti-Asian racism and discrimination. It is only with the support of those around us that we can educate others and end this senseless hate and discrimination.

To learn more and speak out against any instances of racism, hate and discrimination, visit:



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