Status of Cases in Hamilton

This web page will be updated with the most up-to-date information on the status of cases in Hamilton.

Note: All data are considered preliminary and subject to change as quality improvement processes are implemented.

Number of total cases - 734*
Number of confirmed positive cases - 727
Number of probable cases - 7
Number of deaths - 40 (5%)
Number of cases resolved - 552 (75%)
Number of cases ever hospitalized - 138 (19%)
Number of cases who are patients/residents in facility with an active outbreak - 0 (0%) 

*May not include most recent cases from active outbreaks due to lag in data reporting. Data lag due to ongoing investigations related to facility outbreaks.
Numbers reflect residents of the city of Hamilton. Numbers accurate as of 9 am on June 5, 2020. Subject to change. 

Noticeable increases in confirmed cases of COVID-19 being reported for Hamilton are the result of changes to testing criteria and local mass testing events in institutional settings and not necessarily the result of increasing local activity. Changes in daily cases reported should be interpreted with caution.

Note: A probable case is a symptomatic individual with travel outside of Canada, or close contact with a known case, or close contact with a person with acute respiratory illness who has recently traveled outside of Canada and for whom laboratory results are not available, inconclusive, or negative; or a symptomatic individual in whom laboratory results are inconclusive. A confirmed case is a person with lab confirmation of COVID-19 infection. 


Outbreaks occurring

  • 1 current institutional outbreaks a
  • 0 current community outbreaks b

Current COVID-19 Outbreaks with Laboratory Confirmed Case Counts, City of Hamilton

Facility Name Date Outbreak Declared Date Outbreak Over Total Cases* Total Resident/Patient Cases* Total Staff Cases*
Hamilton General Hospital – 8W COVID Unita 23-May-2020   10 0 10

Aberdeen Gardens Retirement Residencea

23-May-2020 4-Jun-2020 1 1 0

There are a total of 63 long-term care and retirement homes in the City of Hamilton.

*Lab-confirmed outbreak-related cases. Cumulative counts reported for each active outbreak.


Age distribution for COVID-19 positive cases:

  • 12 (2%)  age 0-9
  • 27 (4%)  age 10-19
  • 137 (19%)  age 20-29
  • 88 (12%)  age 30-39
  • 91 (12%)  age 40-49
  • 115 (16%)  age 50-59
  • 82 (11%)  age 60-69
  • 68 (9%)  age 70-79
  • 113 (15%)  over age 80

Exposure information for COVID-19 positive cases:

  • 62 (8%) with direct travel history
  • 467 (64%) with close or casual contact with a case and no travel history
  • 190 (26%) community acquired
  • 15 (2%) under investigation

Exposure information for confirmed local COVID-19 cases in the last 10 days:

  • 0 (0%) with direct travel history
  • 22 (43%) with close or casual contact with a case and no travel history
  • 15 (29%) community acquired
  • 14 (27%) under investigation

Risk factors:

  • 323 (44%) had comorbidities (e.g., other diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart, renal or chronic lung disease)

Assessment and Testing Centres:

  • 12,363 visits*
  • 11,726 COVID-19 tests completed at Assessment Centres*
  • 10,350 COVID-19 tests completed at other facilities**

Subject to change, please interpret with caution.
*since opening on March 16, 2020 & April 17, 2020.
**since April 13, 2020. Other facilities include: long-term care homes, retirement homes, and other congregate settings.


Number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19:

View the number of patients hospitalized with COVID-19:

Note: Subject to change due to timing of data entry, results of case investigation, quality verification activities (e.g. removal dupilcate records, identified incomplete information), and changes in identified cases status (e.g. false positives). Confirmed and probable cases are graphed based on the date they were reported to City of Hamilton Public Health Services. 1 case with missing report day information.

Data Source: Hamilton PHS COVID-19 tracking database. Prepared by: City of Hamilton Public Health Services. Date Extracted:  June 5, 2020