Status of Cases in Hamilton

As of December 31, 2021,testing for COVID-19 has been limited to the most vulnerable individuals and individuals associated with the highest risk settings. As a result, the community dashboard now only reports high risk cases and is an under representation of COVID-19 activity in the community. Case data from before December 31, 2021 should not be compared to data after these testing criteria changes.

Data Notes for the map:

  • Map includes cumulative count of all confirmed and probable COVID-19 cases with a permanent address in the City of Hamilton by Census Tract. Count captures all active, resolved, and fatal cases beginning March 2020, that are counted within the geographical Census Tract they intersect. Census Tract populations were estimated for 2021 using population growth projections.

Looking for open data? Visit Open Hamiton to download COVID-19 Case Counts by Census Tract in an open format.