Customer tapping their PRESTO card to board bus

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Is a PRESTO card right for me?

PRESTO is an electronic fare system that allows transit users in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area to use a single fare card to move between and within transit systems.

Benefits of PRESTO:

  • Fares are cheaper than a regular cash fare. (For example: An Adult cash fare is $3.00 vs. $2.30 with PRESTO)
  • No more searching for exact change
  • No more paper transfers
  • Reduces transferring from HSR to GO Train fares by $1.70
  • Automatic and online reload options
How do I transfer from HSR to Burlington Transit?

Upon payment of your HSR fare, please ask the driver for a transfer to connect to the Burlington service when you’ve reached the Aldershot GO, Burlington Terminal or King & James.

Transfers are accepted by all Burlington Transit drivers to continue your trip.

*Effective January 1, 2017 - in an effort to have more passengers utilize their PRESTO smartcard, Burlington Transit will not accept HSR paper transfers as valid fare nor will HSR accept paper Burlington paper transfers as valid fare. Only the PRESTO card will allow passengers to travel with a two-hour transfer as it  automatically calculates and stores the transfer when the card is tapped.  Payment of any other form will require the passenger to pay again when they board the next transit agencies bus.  This is the same process that has always been in place when using both HSR and GO Transit.

How much does it cost to ride the bus?
Do I need HSR Photo ID?

You need HSR Photo ID if:

  • You are attempting to ride the HSR at a reduced rate
  • You are a Secondary School student using a student fare
  • You are a senior (residents age 65 to 79) using a senior fare or a Golden Age Pass holder (age 80 years or older)
  • You are a person with a disability boarding with a support person.
  • You are a support worker travelling with a rider needing assistance
  • You have lost your Student Photo ID or did not get one from your school