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Postal Disruption

Due to the current postal disruption at Canada Post, we ask that citizens please make the following alternative arrangements:

Eligibility Applications

All required documentation for the above mentioned program should be dropped off at:

  • Mountain Transit Centre 2200 Upper James
  • HSR Customer Service Office at 36 Hunter Street East

Taxi Scrip purchases

Purchases for the above program can be made in person at:

If you have any questions, please free to call 905-546-2489.

Map of all HSR routes in Hamilton

Service at a Glance

Find route & schedule info with our interactive tool

In real-time, Trip planner allows you to:

  • Create your own personalized route schedules.
  • Create your own personalized itineraries.
  • Monitor the location of the buses.
  • Find your Next Departures information requires your stop number. 
  • Locate the nearest transit stops in or around a location so that you can plan a trip. 
  • Determine the stop number to find the Next Departures at that stop. 
Printable Route Timetables

View and print PDF versions of HSR timetables. Each timetable contains:

  • Weekday, Saturday & Sunday schedules
  • Bus Check information
  • Route maps

For further inquiries please call HSR Information at 905-527-4441.
Thank you for taking transit and riding the HSR!

HSR Detours and Service Updates
HSR Transit System Map
How can Bus Check help me find route information?

The only number you need to call when looking for HSR information is 905-527-4441

When you use the 4-digit number for your bus stop (found at the bus stop, on the route timetable or from an Information Clerk), Bus Check gives you information on:

  • the next bus arriving at your stop
  • allows you to do future trip planning (how?)
  • talk to an Information Clerk

Fare and detour information, lost & found, and customer service are also accessible through Bus Check.

I live outside of the regular HSR route, can I use Trans-Cab?

Trans-Cab service is provided in portions of Glanbrook and Stoney Creek.

Request a Trans-Cab pickup from one of these areas; you will be driven to the Trans-Cab transfer point where you will then board a regular HSR bus when it arrives.

It’s convenient, quick and smoke-free. Trans-Cab service only costs a regular HSR bus fare plus a premium of $.50.