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Restrictions and Closures in Place

As of December 21, in accordance with Reopening Ontario Act, 2020, The City of Hamilton has moved to the “Lockdown” – Grey category within the Provincial COVID-19 Response Framework and Hamilton Public Health Services.  The following closures are in place.

  • All recreation centres, indoor pools, arenas, and community halls are closed to the public
  • All scheduled programs and rentals for indoor facilities are cancelled
  • New rental requests for indoor facilities are not being accepted at this time. 

Outdoor Ice Impacts

City Operated Outdoor Ice Rinks will remain operational during this time with extended hours of operation and enhanced public health safety measures in place.

  • Reservations required in advance

Note: More information on these measures is outlined in the “COVID-19 Response Framework: Keeping Ontario Safe and Open” and summarized here: www.hamilton.ca/publicplaces.

Online Ticket features include:

  • Use your existing recreation account to view and reserve drop in programs for yourself and family members.
  • Search your preferred recreation facility for drop in programs using the same tools you are familiar with for registered programs
  • Enhanced search tools to help find programs that fit your schedule in real time.
  • Quick links to help you search, view or reserve your preferred programs at Hamilton.ca/recreation
  • Use your smart device to reserve a spot in upcoming drop in programs 25 hrs in advance or 7 days in advance for outdoor ice

How to prepare for online ticketing reservations

  1. Visit rec.hamilton.ca
  2. Create your user profile if you haven’t used our online registration or booking system before. Contact customer service at [email protected] for assistance if required to avoid duplicate account creation.
  3. Add your family members to your account
  4. Save your email, password and member number from your account home page and you are ready to get started!

How to Find and Book Your Drop In Ticket

We are pleased to introduce an online reservation system using the Program Finder to find and book your drop in programs 25 hrs in advance or 7 days in advance for outoor ice. How to Find and Book Your Drop In Ticket instructions are also available in PDF (PDF, 902 KB)

An Activity must be selected to begin your search. Activities are displayed using the “stop light” system based on remaining available spots.

A barcode or member number is required to reserve or purchase tickets online. This number should be kept handy for future use. Before attempting to reserve a ticket, Login to your account and select Home to view your Account number/Member number. 

Clicking on the coloured bar will redirect to the Ticket Booking stage. Select the Reservation Only ticket type and at this point a Barcode or member number is required then select Add.

Ensure the correct Member is displayed in the window. View and accept the attendance rules and then Add to cart.

The Cart Summary will now appear, and you will have 10 minutes to complete your transaction. You must select Continue through to the Confirmation stage or your transaction is considered abandoned and your space not secured.

Input your Email address if prompted otherwise it will pull from your account, this is the address where you will receive your confirmation and ticket to attend. Accept the terms and conditions then select Confirm.

Ticket Confirmation will appear in your window. You will receive two emails, a Confirmation and a Ticket Confirmation. The Ticket Confirmation email with barcode MUST be presented either physically or electronically to gain admission to your program. 

Complete a passive self-assessment screening (PDF) prior to your arrival at the Recreation facility.  Present your Ticket Confirmation email with barcode either physically or electronically at the customer service desk to gain admission to your program.

Note: A member number is required to book through the Online Ticket process. This number should be copied and pasted from your account profile (home button) to ensure accuracy. Please double check the appropriate Member last name is showing in your cart before processing the transaction.
How to Find and Book Your Drop In Ticket instructions are also available in PDF (PDF, 902 KB)


Policies & Usage Guidelines

Some Rules Have Changed! Review the following before arriving at a facility: