Biking & Cyclists

Biking & Cyclists

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Cycling Routes & Maps

Discover great cycling routes in Hamilton:

  • Hamilton Bike Routes, Trails & Parks map
  • Dundas Valley Adventure map
  • Bruce Trail Reference Guide
Hamilton Bike Share

Grab a bike from one of the 120 hubs located throughout Hamilton. It's worry-free, convenient, & easy to use.

Cycling Event Calendar

Upcoming cycling events and meetings in Hamilton

Where can I park my bike?

Bike parking, whether parked curbside or in bike cage, is gives  riders confidence and ease of mind that there bike will be secure. 

Building the Bike Network

The City of Hamilton is continually working to improve the cycling network.

What are those green boxes painted on the street?

Hamilton identifies bike boxes with white bike stencils marked in an area coloured green. A bike box is used at intersections to designate a space, in front of cars, for turning cyclists to queue at a red traffic signal.