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Cycling Routes & Maps

Discover great cycling routes in Hamilton:

  • Hamilton Bike Routes, Trails & Parks map
  • Dundas Valley Adventure map
  • Bruce Trail Reference Guide
What is the Mountain Climber Program?

Starting May 29, this program allows you to take your bike up the escarpment for free on these buses at the James Mountain Road/West 5th Cut:

  • Route 20 - A LINE
  • Route 33 - SANITORIUM
  • Route 35 - COLLEGE
What do I need to know about cycling in Hamilton?

The City provides a combination of off-road multi-use paths, on-street dedicated bike lanes and on-street signed bike routes as well as information about:

  • Bike parking
  • Bike Shops
  • Bike theft 
  • Maintenance of bike lanes & multi-use trails
What are those green boxes painted on the street?

Hamilton identifies bike boxes with white bike stencils marked in an area coloured green. A bike box is used at intersections to designate a space, in front of cars, for turning cyclists to queue at a red traffic signal.

Auto drivers are reminded to "Share the Road".

To further promote this message stop by any of the bike shops in Hamilton and pick up a free "Share the Road" car magnet to spread the message. Find out more about the Cannon Street bike lanes.

Building the Bike Network

The City of Hamilton is continually working to improve the cycling network.

Are you looking for secure bike parking?

Secure bike parking provides superior protection for your bicycle over the conventional bike rack. There are over 50 secure bike parking spots located in downtown Hamilton.