Zoning By-law No. 05-200

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The City of Hamilton’s Comprehensive Zoning By-law No. 05-200 came into effect on May 25, 2005, and is being implemented in stages.

In July and October 2015, the City passed a series of zoning by-law amendments to add new zones for the rural area. The purpose of the Rural Zones is to implement the policies of the Rural Hamilton Official Plan and to create consistent zoning throughout the rural area.

The next phase of Zoning By-law No. 05-200 is focused on Commercial and Mixed Use Zones.  

Zoning By-law (Consolidated as of March 15, 2017)

Section 1: Administration (PDF, 36 KB)
1.1 - Title of By-Law
1.2 - Effective Date
1.3 - Area to which the By-Law Applies
1.4 - Scope of the By-Law
1.5 - Validity
1.6 - Compliance with Applicable Law
1.7 - Repeal of Existing By-laws
1.8 - Administration
1.9 - Enforcement and Penalties
1.10 - Remedies
1.11 - Legal Non-Conforming Uses

Section 2: Interpretation (PDF, 45 KB)
2.1 - Establishment of Classifications and Zones
2.2 - Use of Zone Symbols
2.3 - Incorporation of Zoning Maps
2.4 - Incorporation of Schedules
2.5 - Interpretation of Zone Boundaries

Section 3: Definitions (PDF, 164 KB)  

Section 4: General Provisions (PDF, 99 KB)
4.1 - Prohibited Uses
4.2 - Human Habitation not within Main Building
4.3 - Frontage on a Street
4.4 - Public Uses Permitted in all Zones
4.5 - Number of Dwellings Per Lot
4.6 - Permitted Yard Encroachments
4.7 - Reduction of Yards for Non-Conforming Lots
4.8 - Accessory Buildings in all Zones
4.9 - Air Conditioners and Pumps
4.10 - Satellite Dishes
4.11 - Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs/Spas
4.12 - Vacuum Clause
4.13 - Reduction in Regulations Resulting from Street Widening
4.14 - Laneways Deemed to be Streets
4.15 - Model Homes in Draft Plans of Subdivision
4.16 - Regulation for Consolidated Lot Development
4.17 - Airport
4.18 - Temporary Uses
4.19 - Visual Barrier
4.20 - Outdoor Commercial Patios
4.21 - Home Business
4.22 - Adequate Services
4.23 - Special Setbacks
4.24 - Conservation Authority Regulation Area
4.25 - Drive Through Regulations
4.26 - Urban Farm
4.27 - Community Garden
4.28 - Urban Farmers Market
4.29 - Minimum Distance Separation Formulae
4.30 - Environmental Impact Statement (EIS)
4.31 - Niagara Escarpment Plan Development Control Area

Section 5: Parking Regulations (PDF, 124 KB)
5.1 - Location
5.2 - Design Standards
5.2.1 - Location of Loading Facilities
5.3 - Commercial Motor Vehicles
5.4 - Major Recreational Vehicles
5.5 - Barrier Free Parking
5.6 - Parking Schedules
5.7 - Bicycle Parking

13.1 - Airport (U1) Zone (PDF, 10 KB)

By-law Date Applicant Zones Change
05-200 25-May-05 City Initiative Downtown
(D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6)
Implementing the Comprehensive Zoning By-law
06-038 1-Mar-06 City Initiative - Prohibition of use of land without adequate services   Adequate Services General Provision
06-166 14-Jun-06 City Initiative - New Open Space and Parks Zones Open Space and Parks
(P1, P2, P3, P4, P5)
Implementing P1, P2, P3, P4 and P5 Zone
06-324 25-Oct-06 City Initiative - Housekeeping Amendments All Applicable Zones Housekeeping amendments to downtown, parks and open space
07-043 15-Feb-07 OMB
Industrial (M1) Implementing M1 Site specifics 6, 7
07-101 28-Mar-07 City Initiative - Institutional Zones Institutional (I1, I2, I3) Implementing I1, I2, I3 Zones
07-111 11-Apr-07 City Initiative - Zoning Maps All Applicable Zones  
07-230 8-Aug-07 City Initiative - Housekeeping All Applicable Zones  
07-233 8-Aug-07 City Initiative - Open Space and Parks (P4) Zones (Cemeteries) Cemetery Mapping (P4) Implementing P4 for cemetery
07-240 8-Aug-07 280 Valridge Drive
Filename: CI-07-H
Parks (P1-9), (P4, P5) Implementing a residential development with park, general open space and hazard lands
07-242 8-Aug-07

460 Rymal Road West
File: ZAC-07-027

Institutional (I3)  
07-265 18-July-07 OMB
425 Springbrook Avenue
Parks (P1)  
07-291 10-Oct-07 56 Copes Lane 
File: ZAC-06-104
Parks (P5) Incorporating additional Conservation/Hazard Land P5 Zone
07-321 14-Nov-07 City Initiative - Housekeeping Section 5: Parking Day Nursery Amendments
07-330 14-Nov-07 City Initiative - Housekeeping Instituitonal Zones Housekeeping amendments to Institutional Zones
08-017 30-Jan-08 149 Stonehenge Drive
Filename: ZAC-06-112, OPA-06-030
Parks (P5) Incorporating additional Conservation/Hazard Land P5 Zone
08-114 14-May-08 61-65 King Street West
Filename: ZAC-07-108
Institutional Removal of lands
08-148 11-Jun-08 625 Garner Road East
Filename: ZAC-07-072, OPA-07-018, 25T-200711
08-173 10-Jul-08 260 Wentowrth Street North
Filename: ZAC-07-100
Institutional Robert Land Community Centre (I3, H3, 12)
08-194 7-Aug-08 Part of Lot 5, Concession 3
Filename: CI-08-F
Parks (P5) Incorporating additional Conservation/Hazard Land P5 Zone
08-227 24-Sep-08 City Initiative - Housekeeping Multiple Site Specific 17, P1, P5
08-250 29-Oct-08 17 Park Street East
Filename: ZAR-08-031
Parks (P5) Conservation/Hazard Land (P5)
08-266 12-Nov-08 265 Wilson Street East
Filename: ZAC-08-016
Institutional Lands to be removed from 05-200
08-286 10-Dec-08 153 George Street
Filename: ZAC-07-042
Institutional To permit an expansion in the existing residential care facility
08-291 10-Dec-08 1478 Baseline Road
Filename: ZAC-06-054
Parks (P5) Conservation/Hazard Land (P5)
09-021 28-Jan-09 101 Creighton Road
Filename: ZAR-08-045
Institutional Lands to be removed from 05-200
09-027 11-Feb-09 99 Ferguson Avenue North
Filename: ZAR-08-055
Downtown - D6-18 Dr. Davey Elementary School
09-048 11-Mar-09

3385 Binbrook Road
Filenam: ZAC-08-114, OPA-08-005

Parks Conservation/Hazard Land (P5)
09-066 1-Apr-09 392 Dundas Street East
Filename: OPA-07-017, ZAR-07-067
Institutional Site Specific 19, Holding 1
09-071 15-Apr-09 306 Woddworth Drive
Filename: CI-06-K
Parks P1 and P5 - Held
09-114 27-May-09 69 Saunders Boulevard
Filename: ZAR-08-074
Institutional Site Specific 20 - Holding 22
09-126 10-Jun-09 832 Concession Street
Filename: CI-09-A
Institutional Residential Care Facility no longer exists
09-181 13-Aug-09 280 Bay Street South
Filename: ZAR-09-015
Institutional Site Specific 22
09-209 30-Sep-09 390 Highland Road West
Filename: ZAC-07-040, OPA-07-010, 25T-200706
Institutional/Parks Institutional I3, Hazard Land P5
09-210 30-Sep-09 City Initiative - Outdoor Commercial Patios General Provisions Outdoor Commercial Patios amended for capacity, location and design
09-233 11-Nov-09 69 Saunders Boulevard
Filename: ZAH-09-034
Institutional I2, Site Specific 20, Holding 22
09-250 9-Dec-09 Stonehenge & Raymond Road
Filename: ZAC-09-008, 25T-200902
Institutional I2, Site Specific 24 Holding 27
09-255 9-Dec-09 Palace Beach Trail
Filename: ZAC-08-070
Parks P5 Zone Hazard Land zoning
10-028 10-Feb-10 310, 311, 321, 331, 341, 351, 361, 371, 380, 381 Francis Avenue
Filename: ZAC-08-079, OPA-08-019, 25T-200809
Parks P5 Zone Hazard Land zoning
10-037 24-Feb-10 250, 262, and 270 Springrook Avenue
Filename: ZAC-07-061, 25T-200710
Parks P5 Zone Hazard Land zoning
10-076 14-Apr-10 City Initiative - Housekeeping Multiple Housekeeping Amendments
10-119 26-May-10 19 Niagara Street formerly 460 Wentworth Street North
Filename: ZAH-10-020
Major Institutional I3 Zone Removal of Holding - put in place by By-law 08-173 (I3, 12)
10-128 26-May-10 OMB
New Industrial Zones
New Industrial Zones M2, M3, M4, M5, M6  Implementation of new Industrial Zones 
10-141 9-Jun-10 10 Abbington Drive
Filename: ZAC-08-076
Community Park (P2) Zone Additional P2 Lands
10-174 8-Jul-10 397 King Street West
Filename: ZAC-05-066, 25T-200512
Parks P5 Zone Removal of lands, and change from Neighbourhood Institutional Lands to Conservation/Hazard lands
10-181   OMB
392 Dundas Street East
General Open Space P4 Zone Add Special Exception 13 to allow access driveway for properties municipally known as 50, 52, 53 and 56 George Street and Special Exception 14 to allow emergency access
10-201 12-Aug-10 200 Stinson Street
Filename: ZAC-09-057
Institutional Removal of I1 Lands
10-258 13-Oct-10 1 Lyndale Drive
Filename: ZAR-10-023
Institutional Added Special Exception 32 and 33 to Neighbourhood Institutional I1 Zone
10-281 13-Oct-10 236 Pritchard Road
Filename: ZAR-10-031, OPA-10-011
Industrial Zones Added Special Exception 31 to Prestige Business Park M3 Zone
10-286 13-Oct-10 435 Garner Road East
Filename: ZAC-07-105, OPA-07-031, 25T-200725
Parks and Open Space, Institutional Additional Parks and Open Space lands, Institutional Lands with Holding Provision 39
(see 15-118)
13-Oct-10 Airport Employment Growth District   New Airport Related M7-M11 Zones
10-304 15-Dec-10 1061 Garner Street East
Filename: ZAC-06-02, 25T200601
Open Space and Parks
Neighbourhood Institutional (I1) Zone, Neighbourhood Park (P1) Zone, Conservation/Hazard Land (P5) Zone
10-305 15-Dec-11 31 Trinity Church Road
Filename: ZAH-10-042
Major Institutional Removal of Holding Provision 38
11-015 12-Jan-11
1169 Garner Road East
Filename: ZAC-05-077
Open Space and Parks Additional Conservation/Hazard Land (P5) Zone
11-025 5-Jan-11 OMB
237, 271 Lime Kiln Road
Filename: ZAC-04-021, 25T200403
Open Space and Parks Additional General Open Space (P4) and Conservation/Hazard Land (P5) Zones
11-043 19-Jan-11 OMB
203 Parkside Drive
Filename: ZAC-09-019, 25T-200904
Open Space and Parks Additional Conservation/Hazard Land (P5) Zone
11-055 9-Feb-11 273 Parkside Drive
Filename: OPA-09-011, ZAC-09-041
Neighbourhood Institutional Additional I1, 38, H41
Special Exception permits Social Services Establishment (Youth Centre), Holding Provision for an Archeological Assessment
11-059 9-Feb-11 Second Road West between Highland Road and Rymal Road West
Karst OPA
Open Space and Parks Addition of Conservation/Hazard Land (P5) Zone
11-092 23-Mar-11 Part of Lot 29, Concession 6 (Saltfleet)
Filename: ZAC-08-062/OPA-08-012
Open Space and Parks Addition of Conservation/Hazard Land (P5) Zone, Site Specific 29
11-095 14-Mar-11 OMB
1187, 1199 and 1211 Barton Street
Filename: ZAC-05-128
Open Space and Parks Addition of Conservation/Hazard Land (P5) Zone
11-096 14-Mar-11 OMB
1187, 1199 and 1211 Barton Street
Filename: ZAC-05-128
Open Space and Parks Removal of Lands
11-109 13-Apr-11 121 St. Joseph’s Drive, Hamilton
Filename: ZAR-10-027
  Removal of Lands
11-119 27-Apr-11 431-497 Southcote Road
Filename: ZAC-09-025 
Open Space and Parks Addition of General Open Space (P4) Lands
11-124 11-May-11 392 Dundas Street East
Filename: ZAH-10-036
Institutional Removal of Holding Provision H1
11-208 11-Aug-11 75 Balsam Avenue North, 160 Beechwood Avenue
Filename: CI-11-B
Open Space and Parks Change in Zoning from P3 to P3, 42 restrictions for Stadium Facility
11-238 28-Sep-11 130 Palacebeach Trail
Filename: ZAC-11-008
Open Space and Parks Addition of P5 Lands
11-254 12-Oct-11 460, 480 Springbrook Avenue
Filename: ZAC-11-028
Institutional Addition of I3 Lands
11-257 12-Oct-11 12 Ambrose Avenue
Filename: ZAC-11-
Open Space and Parks Addition of P5 Lands
11-276 16-Nov-11 Housekeeping    
11-277 16-Nov-11 South-West corner of Twenty Road E and Glover Road
Filename: CI-11-F
Industrial Change in Zoning from M3 to M3, 49
11-291 30-Nov-11 260 Nebo Road
Filename: ZAR-11-035
Industrial Change in zoning from M3 to M3,10,H2 to allow medical clinic and medical office, with holding provision for SPC and agreement with adjacent land owner
11-292 30-Nov-11 70 Innovation Drive
Filename: ZAR-11-045
Industrial Change in zoning from M3 to M3,44 to allow Indoor Sports Facility
11-318 30-Dec-11 202 and 208 Barton Street E
Filename: ZAC-11-007
Institutional Change in zoning from I1 to I1, 41, additional I1,41 lands
12-028 8-Feb-12 Dicenzo Drive
Filename: CI-12-A
Open Space Change in zoning to add P1 Lands; Modification to Special Exception 434
12-040 8-Feb-12 452 Springbrook Avenue
Filename: ZAC-11-060
Institutional Addition of Major Institutional land
12-043 8-Feb-12 555 Sanatorium Road
Filename: ZAC-07-114/OPA-07-039/25T-200724
Institutional Addition of Major Institutional land
12-083 11-Apr-12 1620 Upper Wentworth & 401 Rymal Road East
Filename: ZAC-11-009
Institutional Change in zoning from I3 to (I3, 43) and addition of Major Institutional lands (I3, 43)
12-102 25-Apr-12 260 Nebo Road
Filename: ZAH-12-009
Industrial – Holding Provision Removal Holding Provision H2 Removal
12-131 13-June-12 440 Rennie Street
Filename: ZAR-12-033
Industrial Change in zoning from M6 to (M6,448)
12-132 13-June-12 Housekeeping    
12-160 12-July-12 220 Mud Street West
Filename: ZAC-11-051, OPA-11-008, 25T-201108
  Addition of (P5, 29) Zone lands
12-164 26-Jun-12 OMB PL060408
Setting Sail
Barton-Tiffany lands (D2, 442, H44), (D6, 443, H45), (D5, 444, H46), (D6, 445, H47), (P5)
12-167 22-Jun-12 OMB
Sanatorium Road
Open Space and Parks Additional (P5) Zone lands
12-181 16-Aug-12 135 & 137 King Street East and 42 Passmore Street
Filename: ZAC-11-069
Institutional (I3, 449 H49)
12-264 28-Nov-12

273 Parkside Drive
Filename: ZAH-12-022

Institutional Holding Provision H41 Removal
12-286 12-Dec-12 450 Concession Street
Filename: ZAC-11-002
Institutional Remove property from By-law
12-287 12-Dec-12 586 Beach Road
Filename: ZAR-11-071
Industrial (M6, 447, H48)
13-020 23-Jan-13 1925 Rymal Road East
Filename: CI-12-I
Open Space (P4, H50)
13-061 27-Feb-13 1295 Cormorant Road
Filename: ZAR-12-033
Industrial  General Business Park (M2,451) Zone
13-112 24-Apr-13 259 Dewitt Road
Filename: ZAC-12-004
Open Space and Parks Addition of (P1) Zone lands
13-141 22-May-13 1361 Barton Street
Filename: ZAC-12-050
Institutional Neighbourhood Institutional (11, H51) Holding Zone
13-184 12-Jul-13 528 Jones Road
Filename: ZAC-11-080
Open Space and Parks Conservation/Hazard Lands  (P5) Zone
13-210 16-Aug-13 601 Upper Centennial Parkway
Filename: ZAC-11-073
Open Space and Parks Conservation/ Hazard Lands (P5, 452) Zone
13-229 23-Aug-13 OMB
121 Augusta Street
Filename: ZAR-11-034
Institutional (I2, 456, H52)
13-141 25-Sept-13 1361 Barton Street
Filename: ZAH-13-026
Institutional Holding Provision H51 Removal
13-246 9-Oct-13 392, 488, and 530 Dundas Street East
Filename: ZAC-12-013
Institutional, Open Space and Parks (I1), (P4, 455)
Addition of (P4) and (P5) Zone lands
13-263 23-Oct-13 211 Pritchard Road
Filename: ZAC-13-009
Industrial (M4, 454)
13-301 22-Nov-13 OMB
24 Brock Street North
Filename: ZAC-09-010
Open Space and Parks (P5, 450)
14-027 12-Feb-14 3450 Binbrook Road  Open Space and Parks  Addition of (P5) Zone lands
14-043 - Under appeal 26-Feb-14 307 and 325 Fiddlers Green Road Institutional Community Institutional (I2, 457) Zone
14-050 26-Mar-14 135-137 King Street East & 42 Passmore Street Institutional Removal of Holding
14-066 26-Mar-14 1670 Garth Street
Filename: ZAC-12-063
Open Space and Parks Addition of (P5) Zone lands
14-079 9-Apr-14 121 Augusta Street
Filename: ZAH-13-060
Institutional Holding Provision H52 Removal
14-143 11-June-14 620 South Service Road
Filename: ZAR-13-052
Industrial Additional (M3, 434) Zone lands and further modification
14-163 25-Jun-14 Filename: CI-14-B Housekeeping Medical Marihuana
14-178 11-Jul-14 1910 Rymal Road East
Filename: 11-July-14
Institutional Neighbourhood Institutional (Holding) (I1,458,H53) Zone
14-209 - Under appeal 15-Aug-14 1370 Brock Road
Filename: ZAR-13-011
Open Space and Parks Addition of (P5) Zone lands
14-238 10-Sept-14 Housekeeping   Wording, grammatical errors, altering definitions
14-240 - Under appeal 15-Aug-14 467 Charlton Avenue East
Filename: ZAC-12-059
Open Space and Parks Conservation/Hazard Land (P5) Zone
14-267 24-Sept-14 55 Queenston Road
Filename: CI-13-F 
Downtown D3 (D3, 461, H54)
14-268 24-Sept-14 950 and 956 South Service Road
Filename: ZAR-14-024
Industrial (M2, 460), (M3, 460)
14-273 24-Sept-14 Filename: CI-14-E Housekeeping Community Gardens and Urban Farms
14-296 24-Sept-14 406 Pritchard Road
Filename: ZAC-13-041
Industrial (M3, 465), (M3, 465, H55)
14-304 22-Aug-14 OMB
1400-1428 Upper James Street
Filename: ZAC-12-029
Open Space and Parks Addition of (P5) Zone lands
14-343 3-Dec-14 OMB
1041 West 5th Street
Filename: ZAC-12-070
Institutional and Open Space and Parks (I1, 462) and Addition of (P5) Zone lands
15-024 21-Jan-15 98 James Street South
Filename: ZAR-14-030
Downtown Prime Retail Streets  (D2, 467, H56)
15-035 2-Dec-14 OMB PL130909
1125 West 5th Street
Filename: ZAC-12-067
Open Space and Parks Addition of (P5) Zone lands
15-062 13-Feb-15 OMB PL130909
1125 West 5th Street
Filename: ZAC-12-067
Open Space and Parks Correcting Minor Errors
15-072 11-Mar-15 Filename: CI-14-H Modifications & Updates Wording, grammatical errors, altering definitions
Addition of (M3) Zone lands
Addition of (P5) Zone lands
15-078 11-Mar-15 586 Beach Road
Filename: ZAH-15-013
Light Industrial M6 – Holding Removal Holding Provision H48 Removal
15-107 22-Apr-15 Filename: CI-15-A Urban Farmers Market Definitions and regulations
15-118 10-Apr-15 OMB Airport Employment Growth District New Airport Related M7-M11 Zones
15-128 13-May-15 301 Shaver Road
Filename: ZAC-13-012
Open Space and Parks Addition of (P5, 466) Zone lands
15-141 - Under appeal 17-May-15 157 Parkside Drive
Filename: ZAC-13-012
Open Space and Parks Addition of (P5) Zone lands
15-173 - Under appeal 10-Jul-15 City Initiative - Rural Zones Rural Zones Implementing Rural Zones
15-183 14-Aug-15  82 Parkside Drive, Flamborough
Filename: ZAR-15-012
Prestige Business Park  (M3, 469, H58)
15-187 14-Aug-15 470 Parkside Drive,
Filename: ZAC-13-055
Open Space and Parks  Addition of (P5 & P1) Zones
15-188 14-Aug-15 108 James Street North and 111 and 115 Hughson Street North, Hamilton
Filename: ZAR-15-001
Downtown Prime Retail Streets  Downtown Prime Retail Streets (D2, 451, H60) Holding Zone
15-207 - Under appeal 9-Sept-15 630 Rymal Road East, Hamilton
Filename: ZAC-14-033
Community Institutional Community Institutional, Holding (12, H57, H59) Zone 
15-221 - Under appeal 23-Sept-15 212 Glover Road, Glanbrook
Filename: ZAR-14-034
General Business Park General Business Park (M2) Zone
15-236 - Under appeal 14-Oct-15 Lands generally bounded by Garner Rd E., Hwy 6 S., Glancaster Rd, White Church Rd, Carluke Rd and Fiddlers Green Rd and the lands directly to the South of the Binbrook Urban Boundary Rural Zones Airport (U1) Zone
15-246 28-Oct-15 38 Emerson St/1349 Main St W; 700, 1150, 1355 Main St W; 458, 545 and 570 King St W; 350, 420 King St E; 30 Wentworth St N; 1153 and 1284 Main St E; and 252-254 James St N
Filename: CI-15-F
 Interim Control Zoning By-law  
15-257 11-Nov-15

220 Cannon Street East, Hamilton
Filename: ZAC-15-014

Downtown Mixed Use Downtown Mixed Use (D3, 470) Zone
15-260 11-Nov-15

435 First Road West, Stoney Creek
Finename: ZAC-13-005R

Open Space and Parks
Addition of Neighbourhood Institutional (I1) Zone, Neighbourhood Park (P1) Zone, Open Space (P4) Zone, Conservation/Hazard (P5) Zone
15-286 - Under appeal 9-Dec-15 Corrections to Definition of Model Home, Model Home Regulations and Accessory Buildings in All Zones Regulations
Filename: CI-15-H
Settlement Residential Settlement Residential (S1, 288) Zone


Schedule A - Zone Maps. View up-to-date zoning mapping.
Schedule B - Property Details
Schedule C - Special Exceptions (PDF, 1 MB)
Schedule D - Holding Provisions (PDF, 107 KB)
Schedule E - Temporary Use Provisions (PDF, 13 KB)
Schedule F - Special Figures (PDF, 1.15 MB)

Information maps

Residential Care Facilities Radial Distance Separation Map (PDF, 4.3 MB)

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