Street Tree Planting Program

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The City of Hamilton’s Street Tree Planting program offers free trees to homeowners in Hamilton.

Trees are planted in the City-owned road allowance of your property. The measurement of the road allowance varies depending on the survey or neighbourhood you live in.

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

Here are the steps to take to submit a request for a new tree for your property:

  1. Review the program guidelines.
  2. Submit a request for a free tree by calling 905-546-2489 or completing a request form.
  • A Forestry Investigator will do a site visit to assess the property and tree selection.
  1. Keep your tree healthy by watering it daily.

Program guidelines

Here are some general guidelines the Street Tree Planting program follows:

  • If you live on a standard lot, you can have one tree planted on the road allowance on your property.
  • If you live on a corner lot, you can have up to three trees planted.
  • Trees will not be planted in any boulevard locations where the width of grass area is less than 1.75 metres.

Tree selection - We offer approximately 40 choices of native and some non-native trees which provide diversity to our streets and ensure that we plant trees suitable for the location. Planting a variety of trees reduces the loss of tree canopy due to disease and insect damage and increases the sustainability of our Urban Forest. Our Forestry Investigator will do a site inspection to assist in selecting a tree species that is site appropriate.

The City’s Forestry Section is currently in a temporary suspension of Maple Tree planting to build diversity in our tree canopy, thereby building a robust canopy to better withstand pathogens. Our Forestry Staff would be happy to help in selection of alternate species.

Tree planting season

Trees are planted from spring through to the fall of each year. Planting locations must be approved prior to planting, so the cut off dates allow for the site visit and assessments. Details are confirmed and provided to contractors well ahead of the planting dates and new additions cannot be made.

Diagram of tree locations for Street Tree Planting ProgramDiagram of road allowance for Street Tree Planting Program

Information cards are left at each house when a new tree is planted by the City of Hamilton. These cards outline the needs of your new tree and provide contact information for questions.

How to keep your tree healthy  

Use these guidelines to keep your tree healthy until it is established:

  • Water the tree the day it is planted using a slow drip until the soil is saturated.
  • Check soil periodically to determine moisture content. Soil should be moist not drenched or muddy.
  • Scratch the surface of the soil to ensure that water has penetrated the root ball and tree pit area. If the soil is dry, water again until moist throughout the root ball.
  • During periods of drought it is especially important to water your new tree to prevent desiccation and wilting.
  • Do not let the planting dry out completely.
  • A tree guard is provided when the tree is planted for protection. You should also protect your tree from mechanical damage from grass trimmers, lawn mowers, bicycles and cars.
  • We recommend mulching to a maximum depth of 10 cm (4 inches). Mulching reduces the risk of grass trimmer damage, helps retain moisture and adds organic material to the soil.
  • Fertilize during the second year after the tree was planted. Use brand name tree fertilizers and follow the fertilizer manufacturer’s recommended application rates.
  • Keep weed killers, solvents and cleaning agents away from your tree.