Official Plan & Zoning By-law

Urban Hamilton Official Plan

The Urban Hamilton Official Plan applies to the lands in the urban area of the City.

Adopted by Council: July 9, 2009 | MMAH Approved: March 16, 2011 | Effective Date: August 16, 2013 except for policies, schedules, maps and appendices that are still under appeal by the OMB.

Urban Hamilton Official Plan Table of Contents (PDF, 122 KB)

Describes the context of the Plan, a vision for our community, citywide designations and policies, rural designations and policies, urban designations and policies, infrastructure and community service policies, as well as policies dealing with environmental issues (i.e. water/air quality, noise and vibration), natural systems and implementation policies.

Volume 1 Table of Contents (PDF, 91 KB)


Parent plan for land uses on an urban wide basis; supporting policies on natural and cultural heritage, transportation, infrastructure, community services.

Chapter A - Introduction (PDF, 312 KB)
Chapter B - Communities (PDF, 516 KB)
Chapter C - City Wide Systems and Designations (PDF, 623 KB)
Chapter D - Rural Systems, Designations and Resources (PDF, 18 KB) (see the Rural Hamilton Official Plan)
Chapter E - Urban Systems and Designations (PDF, 560 KB)
Chapter F - Implementation (PDF, 448 KB)
Chapter G - Glossary (PDF, 226 KB)


Schedule A - Provincial Plans (PDF, 1 MB)
Schedule B - Natural Heritage System (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Schedule B-1 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Life Science ANSI (PDF, 352 KB)
Schedule B-2 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Significant Woodlands (PDF, 1.4 MB)
Schedule B-3 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Alvar and Tallgrass Prairie (see the Rural Hamilton Official Plan)
Schedule B-4 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Wetlands (PDF, 346 KB)
Schedule B-5 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Lakes and Littoral Zones (PDF, 560 KB)
Schedule B-6 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Environmentally Significant Areas (PDF, 332 KB)
Schedule B-7 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Earth Science ANSI (PDF, 354 KB)
Schedule B-8 - Detailed Natural Heritage Features Streams (PDF, 356 KB)
Schedule C - Functional Road Classification (PDF, 638 KB)
Schedule C-2 - Future Right-of-Way Dedications (PDF, 172 KB)
Schedule D - Rural Land Use Designations (see the Rural Hamilton Official Plan)
Schedule E - Urban Structure (PDF, 418 KB)
Schedule E-1 - Urban Land Use Designations (PDF, 1.2 MB)
Schedule F - Airport Influence Area (PDF, 566 KB)
Schedule G - Local Housing Market Zones (PDF, 525 KB)


Appendix A - Parks Classification (outside of secondary plan areas) (PDF, 432 KB)
Appendix B - Major Transportation Facilities and Routes (PDF, 810 KB)
Appendix C - Non-Renewable Resources (read more about the Rural Hamilton Official Plan)
Appendix D - Noise Exposure Forecast Contours and Primary Airport Zoning Regulations (PDF, 697 KB)
Appendix E - Contaminated sites (PDF, 497 KB)
Appendix F - Cultural Heritage Resources (PDF, 494 KB)
Appendix F-1 - Specific Cultural Heritage Resources (PDF, 438 KB)
Appendix F-2 - Specific Cultural Heritage Resources (PDF, 321 KB)
Appendix F-3 - Specific Cultural Heritage Resources (PDF, 178 KB)
Appendix F-4 - Archaeological Potential (PDF, 3.11 MB)
Appendix G - Boundaries Map (Built Boundary and Central Area Boundary) (PDF, 502 KB)

Contains the Secondary Plans policies and mapping which provide detailed and community specific guidance to growth and change in smaller geographic areas of the City. They identify more detailed land uses densities, design requirements, infrastructure requirements and other implementing actions appropriate for the community.

Volume 2 Table of Contents (PDF, 57 KB)


Secondary Plans which are more detailed land use plans for 25 smaller geographic areas.

Chapter A - Rural Settlement Area Plans (PDF, 132 KB) (read more about the Rural Hamilton Official Plan)
Chapter B - Secondary Plans (PDF, 119 KB)
Chapter B-2 - Ancaster Secondary Plans (PDF, 241 KB)
Chapter B-3 - No existing secondary plans for Dundas
Chapter B-4 - Flamborough Secondary Plans (PDF, 248 KB)
Chapter B-5 - Glanbrook Secondary Plans (PDF, 401 KB)
Chapter B-6 - Hamilton Secondary Plans (PDF, 828 KB)
Chapter B-7 - Stoney Creek Secondary Plans (PDF, 497 KB)
Chapter B-8 - Airport Employment Growth District Secondary Plan (PDF, 207 KB)

Secondary Plan Mapping

  • No existing secondary plans
Stoney Creek
Airport Employment Growth District


Appendix A - Secondary Plan Index Map (PDF, 397 KB)
Appendix B - Secondary Plan Residential Density Chart (PDF, 104 KB)
Appendix C - Binbrook Village Secondary Plan (PDF, 92 KB)
Appendix D - Rymal Secondary Plan (PDF, 91 KB)

Contains the special policy areas, area and site specific policies which incorporate special conditions.

Special Policy Areas are geographic areas where either additional studies are required to determine ultimate land uses or where more detailed and specific policies are required and these lands are not contained within a Secondary Plan.

Area and site specific policy areas provide detailed direction for individual properties or geographic areas of the City where more detailed direction for land use, infrastructure, transportation, environment, urban design or similar issues are required beyond the general framework provided by this Plan due to unique local circumstances not capable of being addressed by the parent Official Plan or Secondary Plans.

Volume 3 Table of Contents (PDF, 29 KB)


Area specific and site specific policies for certain properties or geographic area.

Chapter A - Special Policy Areas (PDF, 25 KB)
Chapter B - Urban Area Specific Policies (PDF, 79 KB)
Chapter B - Ancaster (PDF, 22 KB)
Chapter B - Dundas (PDF, 55 KB)
Chapter B - Flamborough (PDF, 105 KB)
Chapter B - No current policies for Glanbrook
Chapter B - Hamilton (PDF, 58 KB)
Chapter B - Stoney Creek (PDF, 102 KB)
Chapter C - Urban Site Specific Policies (PDF, 562 KB)


Map 1 - Area Specific Policies Key Map (PDF, 483 KB)
Map A-2 - Ancaster Area Specific Policies (PDF, 137 KB)
Map D-1 - Dundas Area Specific Policies (PDF, 650 KB)
Map D-2 - Dundas Area Specific Policies (PDF, 433 KB)
Map F-1 - Flamborough Area Specific Policies (PDF, 408 KB)
Map H-1 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 66 KB)
Map H-2 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 333 KB)
Map H-3 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 108 KB)
Map H-5 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 77 KB)
Map H-6 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 499 KB)
Map H-7 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 135 KB)
Map H-8 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 72 KB)
Map H-9 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 675 KB)
Map H-10 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 651 KB)
Map H-11 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 584 KB)
Map H-12 - Hamilton Area Specific Policies (PDF, 194 KB)
Map SC-1 - Stoney Creek Area Specific Policies (PDF, 487 KB)
Map SC-3 - Stoney Creek Area Specific Policies (PDF, 125 KB)
Maps 2 & 2a - Site Specific Policies Key Map (PDF, 527 KB)

References to 313 Stone Church Road East includes lands bounded by Stone Church Road East, Upper Wellington Street, Lincoln Alexander Parkway and Upper Wentworth Street.

Parent Plan Policies

Policy number as modified by MMAH or Approved by OMB

Section Remaining under Appeal
Section A.1.0 - Hamilton’s Official Plan
  • A.1.3 (bullet 4)
  • A.1.6 (bullet 1)
Section A.2.0 - Strategic Directions
  • A.2.1
  • A.2.4
Section B.2.0 - Defining Our Communities
  • B.2.1
  • B.2.2
  • B.2.3
Section C.2.0 - Natural Heritage System
  • Entire section only as it applies to 305 Stone Church Road West and 313 Stone Church Road East
Section C.3.0 - General Land Use Provisions and Designations
  • C.3.2.1 a) as it applies to 313 Stone Church Road East
Section F.1.0 - Planning Act Implementation Tools
  • F.1.1.10
  • F.1.4.7 as it applies to 313 Stone Church Road East 

Section F.3.0 - Other Implementation Mechanisms 

  • F.3 (preamble)
Chapter G - Glossary
  • Municipally Initiated Comprehensive Review
  • Significant Woodland (as it applies to 313 Stone Church Road East)
  • Vegetation Protection Zone (as it applies to 313 Stone Church Road East)
  • Woodlands (as it applies to 313 Stone Church Road East)

 Schedules and Appendices

* The southern urban boundary that generally extends from Upper Centennial Parkway and Mud Street East in the east, following the hydro corridor and encompassing the Red Hill Business Parkto Upper James Street remains under appeal, as shown on Schedule E-1 Urban Land Use Designations.
Schedule or Appendix Remaining under Appeal as it applies to:
Schedule B – Natural Heritage System
  • 313 Stone Church Road East and lands bounded by Stone Church Road East, Upper Wellington Street, Lincoln M Alexander Parkway and Upper Wentworth Street.
Schedule B-2 – Detailed Natural Heritage Features Significant Woodlands
  • 313 Stone Church Road East and lands bounded by Stone Church Road East, Upper Wellington Street, Lincoln M Alexander Parkway and Upper Wentworth Street.
Address Policies or Schedules Non-Decision Number
Setting Sail Secondary Plan
  • Volume 1 Schedules E
  • Volume 1 Schedules: E-1
  • Volume 2 Policies: Section B.6.5
  • Volume 2 Schedules: B.6.5-1 to B.6.5-6
353 James Street North
  • Volume 1 Policies: B.2.0*, B.3.1.1, B.3.1.2 to B.3.1.4, B.3.1.5, B.3.2*, B.3.3*, B.3.5.3*, B.3.6*, B.3.7*, C.2.0*, C.3.2*, C.3.3*, C.4.5.8, C.4.5.15 to C.4.5.19, E.2.2.1, E.2.6*, E.2.7*, E.3.0*, E.5.0*, G
  • Volume 1 Schedules: E, E-1
  • Volume 2 Policies: B.6.5*
  • Volume 2 Schedules: B.6.5-1 *Entire Policy Section appealed (i.e B.6.5.1 to B.

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