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Schedule Changes

Effective Sunday April 28, 2019

  • 2 BARTON - Weekday
    Late evening westbound trip scheduled to leave Bell Manor Loop at 1:27am will be shifted to 1:32am.
  • 5 DELAWARE - Saturday & Sunday/Holiday
    Some trips have minor changes.
  • 10 B LINE - Weekday
    The interlining with routes 55/55A STONEY CREEK CENTRAL and 58 STONEY CREEK LOCAL at Eastgate Square has been revised.
  • 24 UPPER SHERMAN - Sunday/Holiday
    The northbound trip leaving Upper Gage and Rymal at 6:20am will be shifted to 6:22am.
  • 26 UPPER WELLINGTON - Weekday, Saturday & Sunday/Holiday
    Additional partial trips from Lime Ridge Mall to Rymal & Upper Wellington.
  • 27 UPPER JAMES - Sunday/Holiday
    Some trips have minor changes.
  • 43 STONE CHURCH - Eastbound
    The destination sign will now display “Highland at Saltfleet Sch.”
    Some trips have minor changes.
  • 56 CENTENNIAL - Weekday
    Some trips have minor changes.
  • 58 STONEY CREEK LOCAL - Weekday
    Some trips have minor changes.

Route Changes

​Effective Sunday April 28, 2019

  • 7 LOCKE
    Eastbound trips from Hillcrest Loop will now follow Dundurn St. to Main St. to existing routing. Westbound routing from Hunter St. and Queen St. has been revised to follow Queen St., Aberdeen Ave and Dundurn St.

7 Locke route map

    Northbound trips will now end at Main St. and MacNab St. Customers who previously accessed service on the King corridor will now be required to walk to Main St. to catch the bus. Connections from east-bound buses on Main to southbound buses going up the Mountain will now be made at Main/MacNab, while connections from west-bound buses on King to southbound buses going up the Mountain will do the same.

34 Upper Paradise Map

Pilot Route

  • 56 CENTENNIAL - Riverdale Neighbourhood Pilot Route
    Ridership has been assessed each month for both the route as a whole and specific to the stops in the Riverdale neighbourhood since September 2018. This pilot has been extended until June 22, 2019.

Seasonal Routes

    This route will resume service on Sundays and Holidays effective Sunday, May 12. It will operate up to and including Sunday, November 10.
    This route will operate up to and including Saturday, April 27. Service will resume for the fall school semester.

Special Event Shuttles

  • RBC Canadian Open June 6 to June 9
  • Tiger-Cats Games June 6 to November 2
  • Dundas Buskerfest June 7 to June 9
  • Burlington Sound of Music Festival June 8 to June 16

Bus Stop Moves

  • The bus stop for 2 BARTON and 3 CANNON on James St. south of King St. will move to James St. south of and opposite of King William St.
  • The bus stop for 10 B-LINE and 5 DELAWARE (52 Bond & 52 Pirie only) at King St. and James St. will move to King St. opposite MacNab St.

Statutory Holidays

Our service will operate on Sunday/Holiday schedules on the following dates:

  • Friday April 19 - Good Friday
  • Monday May 20 - Victoria Day
  • Monday July 1 - Canada Day

Upcoming Detours

Construction projects can impact HSR service and may require temporary detours or may cause delays in service. To stay up to date on current HSR Detours and Service Updates visit www.hamilton.ca/HSRdetours.

We’re Replacing Shelters

In 2019, the HSR will be replacing 500 transit shelters across Hamilton. The project is funded 50% by the Government of Canada and will result in the renewal and modernization of most of our shelters. The HSR is committed to maintaining a state of good repair and enhancing the customer experience.

We’re excited about the new look at our transit stops.  Shelter replacements will be completed by the end of 2019. Thank you for your patience while we undertake this work.

HSR Survey - Thank You

my HSR logoAlmost 6,000 of you have told us how to make transit your first choice by completing our (Re)envision the HSR survey. This was the largest consultation of HSR customers and Hamilton residents in our 145-year history! As we continue to (Re)envision the HSR together, we’re starting the next phase of our project. In the spring and summer, we’ll be meeting with residents, neighbourhood associations and businesses to discuss how we can meet your needs today and exceed your expectations in the future. 

Find out what's next at www.hamilton.ca/reenvision.

Text Us for Your Next Bus

HSR Next Bus Text Screenshot

You can now text us to receive the departure time of the next three buses at your stop.  If more than one route passes your stop, you’ll get the next five bus times. To get your next bus information, start a new text message:

  • Enter “25370” in the To field
  • Enter “HSRnow  ####” in the Message field, where #### is your stop number
  • Send your message and within a minute, you’ll receive your next bus information
  • Add this number to your contacts to make it easier to send.

This service is free if you have unlimited text messaging. Your phone plan’s standard text messaging rates will apply. To learn about all the ways you can plan your trips and get your next bus information, including the new mobile-friendly online trip planner, visit www.hamilton.ca/HSRnow

HSR Customer Service Line

Recommendations, complaints  or requests?
Phone: 905-527-4441
Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 4 pm
Email: hsrserve@hamilton.ca

HSR Information Line

Find out about bus routes, a bus check number or speak to an information clerk
Phone: 905-527-4441
Hours: 7:30 am to 8 pm, 7 days per week

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