ePlans - Online Building Permit Application Process

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Welcome to ePLANS - the new online building permit application process

Your one-stop access to submitting your business permit online. This new service will save you time, money and simplify the process.

ePlans is a web-based building permit online business solution. It will allow you to submit, review, pay a portion of the required fees and seek approval online of your building project.

You’ll be able to apply for a building permit 24/7. And that means you can do this when it’s convenient for you. No more driving to City Hall or worrying about customer service office hours. You apply when the timing works for you.

Track your permit submission as you go

Another benefit to the process is that you will be able to view where you are in the approval process all online. With the click of your mouse you’ll be able to retrieve and review all your past documents. You’ll be able to do this once you set up your own account with the City of Hamilton.

All hands on deck

This online, streamlined approach enables the City to have several staff review your permit at once. This saves time and is a more efficient way to process your application. During the process, you will be automatically contacted if further clarification is required. We’re here to help!

Why are we doing this?

No more paper means efficiency and cost savings to all citizens. By eliminating the paper process, the Building department will be able to provide to citizens a better and more efficient way to deliver one of busiest City services. The City endeavours to deliver top services while being respectful of the bottom line costs. This new online building permit platform is yet another example of a leading business process.

Stay tuned for more information as we ready the online building permit system for launch!

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Email: eplans@hamilton.ca